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Hey everybody welcome to the underrated. Podcast in this podcast we discussed the film's we feel are underrated under appreciated or ones that have just on the radar and pass most people by today. I'm joined by Ariel Ortiz and Fred Torres word a an I am Derek macduff. Today we're GONNA be talking about the rocketeer. Nineteen Ninety one film directed by Joe Johnston based on the comic book character of the same name. The film stars Billy Campbell Jennifer Connelly Timothy Dalton P. Paul Cereno and Terry Quinn as Howard Hughes. While the film received remember who played. Beat me if only Oh. That's Alan Arkin. How can I forget Alan? Arkin these incredible in this Thank you for reminding me. And the film received mostly favourable favorable reviews with a sixty four percent rotten tomatoes but it was a box office failure making only about forty six million dollars worldwide on a estimated thirty five to forty million dollar budget. This was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid but I had not watched it in many years. What do you guys What was your experience with the smooth? You Guess Yeah for me. I haven't seen it at all as a kid. My parents never really introduced it to me. Kind of more boring. I duNno Disney movies. Because you're a big Disney family. So I was. You know aware of the movie at least again. My Monitor really introduced it to me and So so yeah but I watched it for her signed today and and I really really do. It was basically a nineteen forty silent. Movie with nineties like Cinematography basically you know cleared but overall the story was followed like a movie that you would find in the forties which coincidentally like talking about in this movie like because Dedrick Longley who does not age. Aw I made. My ad rightly should never seen on her but But yeah but I mean it was. Yeah it basically follow the flames over nineteen forties movie and Janitor only like you know being in his holly in Hollywood setting being like an aspiring actors and like it was pointed in that way too but yeah overall I very much enjoyed it and yeah very good performances and like like like lots of people that are like you know helpful names right now. A lot of really good. Jim Not dislike big actors Jennifer Conley like Timothy Dalton but like really good character actors. You know like we'd mentioned Alan. Arkin of course Stereo Quinn. Who had gone to be on lost and Even Margo Martindale is in like a smaller role so a lot of lot of great performances in this. Yeah I'M NOT GONNA lie I. I don't know if this guy recorded when when I was talking earlier but so when I was young I I did see this movie but at the time I was I was just a Spanish speaking only kid. Because that's that's how I was raised. I mean I'm born here saw American but I'm almost all Mexican so My parents didn't speak English at the time and so A lot of my being was just Spanish until maybe like age probably like eleven so when I saw this movie I think I was transitioning either in English or so. Wouldn't speak in the end because a movie made those sans like to a Spanish speaker watching it in English. It really doesn't make sense and they didn't have translation like you know where they they do. That the CIA thirty four where the guys are talking. But then like Dan. The voices come out like five minutes later. Leslie Shaolin Kung Fu movies like Nancy Lou. The homeland you were there watching It's a wonderful life in Spanish. Yeah Yeah like that and so I was like so there was no specialization at the time so when I watched and I was like man. What is this weird movie like? It's cool when you're a kid. And you see you guys strapped rocket and he's flying around so those were awesome but then the scenes come out of them like falling in love. And I didn't realize they were Nazis at the time. Now that I didn't know what Nazis whereby you didn't realize that is whether we're going with 'cause I see you're hearing everything. Sounds jumbled when it's a different language piece of up to the camp e. sign it probably vitamin even notice it. Because I was probably like this movie's Wack get back on the pack boy. Yes all like watching it. Now that I'm older and I can actually understand the movie. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I don't know necessarily if this is a kids movie like I don't know with Disney pushed it towards kids or was but as it more of an adult person. I think the movies good I think it has a good storyline. It's got the love it's got the action You know it's got your ear protagonist or antagonist. It's got everything that you need for a good movie and you know It's a good movie I mean with a plateau of the Nazis and whatnot. And the actor. Like okay you know I go. This isn't such a bad movie now if I was a kid. I don't know if I if I would understand at the same. Obviously 'cause I I would I would no I just. I mean I'm just basing on off of what I knew That at least a jetpack interested me but now that I'm an older person watching it again You know it's it's actually a good movie. Yeah guys liked it. 'cause yeah this was this was my pick It's a movie that I it was one of my favorite movies as a kid and I would just like wash it over and over again and and I think you bring up a good point. Fredricka like Oh. Is this Nike Kids? Movies and adults moving. I think that might have been why. It wasn't super successful at the box office. Disney didn't really know how to market like do they put it more towards adults or kids and they've always kind of had like it was marketed in the. Us is like a Disney movie overseas. It was like touchstone which is kind of like you know what they market their older You know like for older audiences. Yeah they don't want the Disney tag. But but yeah I I you know this will be as such kind of like Ariel saying like an old Hollywood told. Hollywood really recaptured that feel of the kind of like nineteen thirties cereals. Set in nineteen thirty eight. It's very the only movie that does the same thing as the Indiana Jones movies which are kind of like these throwback action cereals or this one's kind of a throwback to like old superhero cereals that you'd see before Like the regular movie. You'd see like somebody like that. You know they're always fighting Nazis you know and it's got that really cool like thirty aesthetic where he's got that like really cool stuck in helmet because apparently Michael Eisner was trying to like. Oh just making regular spacemen soup but like it looks so fucking good and it's one of those movies were. I was really nervous to go back and re watch it because a lot of movies I liked when I was a kid. I've been watching a lot shit on Disney plus. I watched the old like nine hundred ninety. Three or whenever Three Musketeers one with Tim. Curry's the bad guy and I love that movie when I was a kid but like Oh as an adult. Hey wake is that is. That is that the one is. Is that the one with Chris O'Donnell Chris O'Donnell and Charles. That movie hit so hard. It is a matter how old you are right. I might even go there. It's it's just a movie that good. I think we'll take hold up. I loved it when I was a kid. And then let me tell you that. The song with Rod Stewart. Yes sting and Bryan Adams Dude. It's the best Okay I mean. We're getting off topic but you know. What can we put that on the list? I WANNA watch again. I like watching Disney accidents. Yeah but it was really holds up on here right now because that's a banger. But yeah like it. Has that old serialized vibe to in that. And you know it's it's got the villain is basically like an errol flynn type. You know nine and there's a lot of like even the score by James Horner is kind of great light. It's like a throwbacks kind of like these old classic scores. And you've got like stuff like you know the mom they're the bad guys that the end there like like we're gonNA fight the Nazis because they fucking Nazis shower you see like the FBI dude and the mob dude and they both got machine doesn't sit in the non stop to look at each other for a second and just go back and start shooting. I loved all that stuff. I love all the old Hollywood. Like it. Feels like. There's nothing cynical in it where it just feels like. Oh we're just kind of like you know just kind of like doing this to like do it. Feels like they really did have a love for this kind of old cinema and interestingly enough Joe Johnston. I think that's why he was picked to the first Captain America movie which I don't think holds up quite as well as this one because it had that same like throwback to like these old kind of cereals but I think this one does a lot better job honestly when I saw this I did. I feel like I was watching Captain America one even thought that was like I was like all this is all timing I mean. Don't get me wrong like I said it's a good movie The some of the tropes. Obviously maybe maybe it's because you've seen him before the Nazi thing. I did see a lot of that coming. I was like a movie theater. And they're like Oh fight against the Nazi. Yeah yeah there was some stuff I mean. It's like I said that doesn't detract from being a good movie. It's a good movie. It's it's IT'S A it's a little cheesy and some other stuff. 'cause obviously it's like kind of vintage style and his process just like you know there's some cheesy stuff in the first captain. America where you you know you've seen it before you know it. It's just I'm just saying is more like the as the watcher not that the movie didn't hate what it was supposed to hit. I think that's why it's a good movie but I just saying as audience members sometimes some of the stuff depending on the person you're GonNa you're GonNa feel some some of that a little bit of nostalgia maybe a little bit cheese if you would In some of it yeah anything. I think he's like my whole more than like a captain America because you know keeping in mind the win. This was made like in the nineties. Thanks feel of lot of lot kind of like Jesus so ideally mind it too much like maybe Captain America. You you the time you were in that is thousands and and close intends in like Tunnel like a little more David against its Louis while watching it now like now. I was just impressed by like they were doing the actual like yell Cheesiness of I'll be honest. Though the one thing I was gonna say the only thing that doesn't hold up it's well done but it really made me laugh was anytime the special effects started coming into play. It's a ninety sound no no. I'm not saying that a terrible. I'm saying it's just cheesy on the way they did stuff in in the sense of like so when the fires going to engulf the guy like those little see. I kinda like you see him like yelling like I. I mean I'm just saying some of those legitimacy in the sense that it made me laugh more than a than than I thought I was gonNA. I guess I mean I was expecting it to be you know. Obviously it's it's not you know it's it's like ninety one. It's not yeah to decide you know Twenty twenty one. You know we're GONNA win. The.

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