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Department for community on, Um e wanted to be here to stay. It's just support the family. And the police officers. Pretty sad. He leaves behind a wife and two young Children. The FDA will soon give authorization for Fizer to vaccinate people. 12 to 15 years old clinical trials showed ah 100% effective rate in that age group. It already has been approved for everyone. 16 and up. Big split in the Republican Party, former President Trump and Congresswoman Liz Cheney. You're doing battle, Cheney voted to impeach Trump and his criticizing fellow Republicans who support the Trump's claim that the election was stolen, she says. Those people are poisoning our democratic system. But President Trump called the election the big lie and his supporters are moving to remove Cheney from her leadership position. And we have a little met story here even with all the money that the new owner spent on this team It's pathetic $341 million for the shortstop. And it's the same old Mets so pathetic that the team fired. They're hitting coach Chili Davis. They're paying the guy $341 million to hit He can hit, so they fight a hitting coach. And you know what? Take your assistant with U. S. O. Francisco's indoor Is now hitless in his last 21 at bats, his batting average for $341 Million.161. Well, 3 41 doesn't buy what it used to. I'm telling you, the other sad thing about the Mets here. Do you feel sorry for Jacob to Graham? This guy's pitching us his his brains out the guy and he only has a two and to record his er Ray 20.51. I know it's unbelievable. Yeah, yes. To strike out 15 people in order to win a game. You're right about that same old Mets Bill way I feel I feel sorry for my friends. I really do. You're right. Just amazing. You know, Brusco, what you do. Steve Coz Cohen. Who? Bruce What's his name? Steve Cohen. Close. Steve Cohen. Save Bruce. Whatever. Steve Cohen, who wants the Mets is building this gigantic mansion around the quarter for me, so I'm gonna pop over there. Yeah. Just have a chance. Piece of your mind. Yeah. Give us some hitting tips from Francisco Indoor. Good. Julian. Tell the Graham to rest that arm there that shoulder. I'll be quite likely You're making this about. No, no idea. Go back to talk about a charade. Hepburn. Sure. Thanks, Bartlett. From the tether way we're living in the Wall Street numbers here was opened, lower down Step Dow's down 85 s and P Down 23 in the NASDAQ was down 152 points. All right, Thanks, Joe. Coming up next, Cuomo was saying New York and reopen May 19th Thank you very much. Caesar Cuomo. But when can Broadway reopen? That is the big question will find out from York Post entertainment critic Johnny Olek since key when we get back. When you're about to see the world again, and you think about your appearance that many things there was upsetting is being unhappy with your smile. And if you've been to several dentists is still haven't found The permanence..

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