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Terry campaign in Gaza is continuing with all force and will take time today, Israeli airstrikes targeting a militant tunnel system killed a number of civilians. The prime minister says the deaths were unintentional. Despite what the media might say. Republicans are unified. So, says House GOP Conference chair A least a phonic, who last week replaced Congresswoman Liz Cheney, an outspoken critic of President Trump. We want to focus every day on exposing the border crisis, the economic crisis and the national security crisis in the Middle East because it's having an impact on everyday Americans lives. Stefanik on Fox News Sunday morning Futures. Cheney says she's not willing to be complacent in the face of what she calls the former president's lies. America's listening to Fox News. Now checking KSFO traffic in Campbell's 17 north bound at the 2 88 80 Interchange of Rollover crash in the right lane and the Santa Cruz Mountains 17 north bound after Bear Creek Road. Croc car crashed into the center divide. It stopped in the slow lane. Now 24 West eastbound in Walnut Creek just before 6 80 large amounts of garbage in bags, blocking the two Middle Lane's San Francisco to 80 South. Blunders, too. Before Caesar Chavez, a car crashed into the center divide Wall. High wind advisory on the beneath a bridge and through the Altamont Pass Art Service, none today between South Hayward and Union City stations. A bus bridge will be in place instead with KSFO traffic on Mel Baker. You're listening to Bob Tandem in the garden on talk Radio. 5 60 ksfo come tiptoe with me. Oh, Foggy day in London Town. Hey, this'd is Bob Chatham in the garden on talk radio. 5. 60 casts a foe and this is shown number 3000. In 180. Yeah, and I'm.

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