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That occurred following his arrival, and then the colonization of introduced People in America. Meghan Cloherty. W T. O P News does race impact How we handle money on this week's episode of W. T O. P's new podcast Colors a dialogue on race in America. With Chris Core and J. J. Green Washingtonpost personal finance columnist Michelle Singing. Singletary discusses a 10 part series that examines that topic, she says. Some people are not happy about this. When I told my white female editor about this, she was like, Let's do it and let's do it like yesterday and we talked about Who are we trying to read? JJ. And there are some folks we're not going to reach and I've gotten emails from those folks. It was someone you know, 80 years old saying, You know, black people just don't want to work and you just don't know how to do this. I'm not going to be that person. Just not, but that's not the person I'm going for going for that person who may be saying things and doing things and not realizing that it's racist or biased. Offensive. Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary you Khun download new episodes of colors each Friday. It's Friday night on Apple Podcast podcast one spot of fire or wherever you get your podcast, This is domestic violence Awareness Month, one Virginia County is raising awareness about a crime that he is on the rise during Cove it the Loudon County domestic abuse in response team, or Dart is calling domestic violence in 2020 and epidemic within an epidemic. We have served since March, 12th the same number of people that we would have served in a whole two year period. That was Judy Hanley of The loud and abuse women's shelter earlier in the pandemic, the Virginia sexual and domestic violence action, a lion said hotline calls increased by 76% statewide. Dart says those suffering from domestic abuse should make a safety plan that includes planets for leaving and telling family and friends about the abuse. Also reach out to local shelters and law enforcement agencies for additional resource is Luca Luca. W T. O P. News ahead in money news. This is a tech name from the past. Next tell Is there anything left of it? It's 10 24. When a previous spinal.

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