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The police shooting and with the guy rain in the building. So I start getting nervous and scared at lockdown lasted close to an hour. If were city manager is planning to implement all twenty two recommendations made by the footwear taskforce on race and culture after the city council approved them on Tuesday pretty clear that he is going to go along with our recommendation cast voice co co-chair Bob Rae Sanders. The former editor of the Fort Worth star telegram the task force which was created in twenty seventeen. After controversial police arrests to one of the most contentious recommendations is a creation of a citizen review board for the police department. The Fort Worth police officers association is against the move in automatic life sentence without possibility of parole was handed down to a man found. Guilty in McKinney murder-for-hire scheme fifty five year old Ronald Rosser was found guilty in the shooting death of Sixty-six-year-old McKinney. Businessman, Richard more outside of his home in two thousand fifteen. Prosecutors said Rosser was paid by Moore's wife and her boyfriend to kill more Thirty-seven-year-old Johnson Johnson, mourn Pulci and thirty five year old Stephen Brockway will be tried later this year on capital murder charges. Former university of Texas at Dallas employee has been indicted on a theft charge. Fifty nine year old Linda heard accused of stealing one hundred and thirty thousand dollars from the school between two thousand fourteen and twenty eighteen that's all according to the campus newspaper heard was. Arrested last July, two months after an internal audit uncovered the theft. She was an administrative employee of UTD's chemistry department and faces up to twenty years in prison if convicted housing and urban development secretary, Ben Carson is in.

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