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Great ronald jones who fumbled and gave the ball the other team and now bruce arians is saying that he's going to start in two so we'll see how that goes yeah. We got a good montage of evan. Talking shit about ronald jones on podcast from about a month ago. That was good all right last. Nfc team watching football team. Unfortunately i think they were gonna win the game but then ryan fitzpatrick goes down with a hip issue. He's gonna miss a big chunk of time. Taylor heinecke is in tell people a little bit about terror. We have some tape. We have bunch of tape on taylor. He's nfl stars. Before i had that playoff start against tampa last and actually played really really. Well what do you say about heineke going forward. How relates to maclaurin logan and all these guys and he can run. He's scrambler in that playoff game. You know he fed cam sims tim. Sims had over one hundred yards in that playoff. Game taylor heineke He's now made three appearances for the twenty twenty and twenty twenty one. I washington football team his why. Pa is like is over seven I mean he's a he's a capable backup. And so i i think that terror maclaurin i think that they should be downgraded a little bit but i think that they can still stay afloat. I think he's good enough. To keep you know. Logan thomas in the top fifteen top twelve tight end range and mkhori as more like a wide receiver to three as opposed to the potential wide receiver. One that we drafted him as diani brown played a time. I mean he was. Yeah clear number. Two receiver for washington and. I know he didn't do anything. But i mean he's he's going to be out there a lot. He significantly out snapped adam home fruits. Oh yeah cam simply ran one route in the game. Yami was out there on every single snap last thing. I'll say about washington football team as expected yet gibson lawson passed on you jedi kisses but fifty five please. Washington ran into and keeps in touch on twenty three of them. Like when he's out there he is getting fed in both the run and the pass game. So it's still really optimistic on antonio gibson are we still all on each. Nfc team will be back on the next episode with the afc team by team. Podcast for pre shoot for evan. I'm adam good luck everybody..

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