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Welcome back to the Magic Mechanics Show on Wdbo one of 73 F seven A.m. 5 80 Orlando's news and talk You Want to join the show you can Right now at 844580 Wdbo 84458093 to 6 you call and give us the year make and model of your car briefly describe. The question will get you lined up with Larry Perry. And that number again is 844. 5809326844580 w D. B Oh, my name is Chris Crawford. Here's the man with all those answers. Larry Perry. Hey, Thank you, Chris. And And by the way, Larry Piri is not my stage name. That's real. It is. Yes. Yeah, that was my God given name so I get asked that quite a bit. Is that your stage name? I said no. I think there was a famous, uh, baseball announcer. Was it Harry Carey that he used to announce? Yeah. Yeah. So, Yeah, I guess he was dealing with the same type of thing. You know, his his mother had the same imagination is mine, I reckon. Or either they like things that rhymed Hey, speaking of things that right Hey, Welcome to the second hour of the magic mechanic show here on Wdbo. If you have an automotive question we'd like for you to hop on board. Give us a call 8445 80 wdbo. 8445809326 and the guys will get you all in line and you give them your car question. And they'll get you all typed up here and get you situated and we'll get to you here in a few minutes. Also, if you would like to leave an automotive question on the open mic, you go to the wdbo up. You know, you can just put in. You can go to your apps on your smartphone and just put in wdbo on your app thing and just download it, boom. I mean, it's that quick. I mean, it's not no big deal. It doesn't cost anything. And you can get news updates. You can turn it on. Turn it off. It's great to have with the weather issues. You know when we start getting these crazy weather France that run through during the summer because Wdbo will constantly give you all those weather updates on your cell phone, you know, so It's kind of nice to know of a hail storms coming through. Get your car out of the driveway and into the garage. See how easy that is. That's pretty cool. Plus, you can go to the open mic feature. And you can leave a comment or a car question or anything like that. And that's really pretty cool because we'll play it back here at around 4 36 this afternoon. So, Yeah, give us a ring. Make 445 89 3268445 80 w d. B Oh, hey, folks For immediate help. You can call the shop number and speak to my general manager.

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