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You know I know Mike Francesa. He's saying that it's not as bad as people are reporting it to be and I'm hearing that it actually is in. The last thing is the reason. I don't WanNa talk about it. I Hate Blind Mike. I don't want to hear any more of what he has to read the guy but I'm going to let them stay now. Make sure you get the right Mike. You're correct yes. His name is blind. Mike I'm sorry. I thought you guys because my name is Mike and I I wanted to hold on. Hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on one thing very clear. This phone call. Everything else is very obvious. But were you with the host or another gentleman. These guys are so simple. They hear their names. And like Whoa. Whoa WHOA WHOA. It would have been great if he was like. Oh that's fucking guy loser. Keep or no going. He wants Mike Fire. Hold on hold somebody maybe tuning into thinking. This is very strange but no no no. He was blind Mike. Fire Weird all agree. Maybe a little did we know. They're actually talking about blind Mike. We don't have the contact. That's wrong Mike. Different Mike Different Mike. So thank you. Zero Tolerance Policy about talking about cove in nineteen and about talking about planned. Mike I just can't take an in one of these. Can we appreciate your listening here? Let us know how that goes three days. If you can get a good thing while check in when my kids driving me crazy and I'm employees had to be the way the Tim had to be his entry into their world right. They're probably doing you know what you do with your kids or something. Because he's good at that he's got the good like Jesus. Christ he's fucking. Tim would be a good collartoo. These shows without the reference. Good call. That's true gets lawn pogo discussions with these guys for the talk. So this weekend on the Youtube we lobby at the challenge. Which will be tomorrow. You Think Yeah Okay and Mike. Tomorrow night yet in the post game show on Mike and the minute the PLO zero tomorrow at seven seven source through the challenge five thirty. That sounds good. Do it during the show. Everyone else talk and you can just how that would work anything else on the Youtube Channel. This weekend We've got a new episode of elven. Show ready to go. Maybe that's gone. Og Offense. Is I believe Sunday now. Sunday with John Featherstone thinks taping min sell Intel on Sunday. You are for them book out there on a roll Steve. Robinson debuts a guest on mainsail Intel yes Excellent or anywhere really took. That isn't your excellent good. I only the last thing I have is a little bit of Portnoy saying something that can probably get him locked up curious to hear it all right so I just like made money on ten so I did a little I I sold I short at ten. Twelve eighty nine. No I don't think you can't I don't get how that's not why I don't know what's going on with them. Legal I I need a ABT's tank us you walk into like you definitely could manipulate them. Mugging FRAMES NO I. I don't know how could he do that? Having I'm doing about Penn when he say says he doesn't tweet about anything. Relevant Penn. Doesn't I spend doing today? It is at eight seventy eight okay. ENTERCOM if you're curious is I always in is one twenty eight. Oh we have the secret of a live party one. Oh Four Oh man that is Jews. Get under a dollar. Get on her door refresh. Can you delete that tweet about over one? Oh four Oh my God Jesus by? I kicked the company now. I'm actually buy them. I might I might actually short it at a dollar. Oh four but seriously. Could you delete that tweet about the war? Why the BARSTOOLS ALREADY? Blown me up. What do you mean they're descending me? What the fuck is this? They think you're sexually sang that. It's going to Oh. Does it? Easy for them. If I delete the Tweet Yeah. Oh absolutely sure. Of course I'll do that. Why what did they care? Who is who is bothering with this The the event people okay. Ready fuck off. I mean who about why just because they didn't want us to say tell the truth about what's going on behind the scenes correct. Why because there were still contractually obligated for the June twentieth event? Okay that happens. We'll we'll do it then. A wonderful thing afraid to do at that point I agree. Yeah no I mean the tickets are sold. I mean every wanted these people to tell them that was being you know. Continue to lie them. And Say I was being sarcastic. Delete partial whilst we deleted tweets his. He said no no they. They said that. I got that text. What did it say it was a? It was a link to your tweet with a bunch of exclamation points and question marks disdain saying we have we have lots of twenty twenty options available. What have you say it was a joke? But first of all what questions. It seems pretty clear. Cut that tweet. I'm I'm just in the position of being the middleman between you and the people at Barstool who are support staff for the event and you're just reading it not listening to the show you would think it was an announcement of some kind. I understand the world's tiniest violent. I love doing that. Always the by I would like to admit that's the world's tiniest violin is right. There aren't tough life for you. Just tell them tell them. Kershaw fuck off. What would you want to say? There are plenty of options available. Fine Furnish Mute. Those options love a conversation with each day. I would much prefer to do first of all I preface the whole thing by saying these people focus on the show today. This thing I promise this thing by saying I really hope it happens in two thousand twenty nine. Not Dead Yeah. I should've known fucking different. Show Mike they never listen to the fucking point. The tweet implies like I'm doing something I expressly told them I would not it also implies maybe announce this rather the guessing because I but I was also saying I if I my best guess in. I don't think it's any announcement. My best guess is this but you tweeted it out. Like I've made some official announcement which I expressly told him I would not. Why did you tell them that because they asked they said? We're working this out with the Wilbert. You not. Can you not say anything official official? You said guaranteed. It looks pretty busy garrity. We'd say we say looks pretty official when when anyone partial one hundred percent cancel your plans breaking. Steve is telling us that the Wilbur won't be until early. Twenty Twenty early twenty twenty one. That's okay I think it was Breaking Steve is telling us. Like Steve's the fucking Wilbur whispered like I mean you know yeah but I mean for for the. I'm sorry lot comments on the very happy about this Senate seem pleased with the idea this yes. Can we clarify it or something Comment from s-occer which is good. I'll give you what to register. This'll you'll like this just quote tweet that and say hey gang just Joshua around having some fun. Yes we do just sarcastic. People appreciate where you want to clarify. Something Steve Yes. Yeah you really want me to clarify at my another two weeks. I'll do it right now. I'll be happy to talk. I'm happy to talk. Yes what I would. I would like you to break twenty twenty-nine exclamation point I mean. Hopefully if we're wrong I don't know we've settled one. We hope it wrong of course. Don't you think yeah I'm just? I'm just playing a game of probabilities. I said it's it's it's more likely that it's not on June twenty eighth and schedules. That's going to happen. That's not going to have if we stick. Look if we stick to a Friday or Saturday then the schedule gets tough for well. That's the thing. They are aware that we wanna do on the weekend. Yes then but they doing here. They're they're thinking you know we've got a lot of options that includes a Thursday night and we're not doing night I am. I am not opposed to a Thursday night if necessary is at least somebody can take a Friday off. Yeah you know what I mean. They can make a weekend at the Boston or see you but even day off agree layer of complexity agreed. That's what I'm saying. If you said to me we have to do with this year. We you know doesn't happen. I would say Sunday night Thursday night weekend right. I mean there's also an element we've we've sold sold tickets based on a weekend show agree. Most people don't want if we mix it up and do a Tuesday show people have to reorient childcare schedule. That kind of thing is a bait and switch. No I agree but I'm saying if they say hey look you know. It's the only way we can do it or you lose all your money. We're not gonNA show it all just play. That came out now. It's all right we can talk about but I don't want that to happen. We're not going to do it on a weekday renewal weekend. We muscle weighs other shit shows on the weekends. Do have ours. There are swinging on Dick around. He sell all night and he shows two shows nine minutes. So we'll we'll want this relationship every year or no. Do I need to have the benefits to the Wilbur Steve? Here we go Steve Watts. I think I think that's what he's advocating. For Breaking Steve Demands Fans. Go after Wilbur. The will get to work if you don't. I'll never do a show again. W Want Steve high-powered twitter account on my own fire back. Don't believe this man Well I mean the the the stand by your words because you basically I mean without saying you did say it's not going to happen this year. He said that he certainly did. But backtracking Steve. I don't know that it was official. Not exactly slippy Steve. Now look at him live leak. They got your fucking twitter process on the air. Yeah who just just tweet at one. Second Center come get under a dollar at a boom. Ooh Let me see a fucking battle burden. Dominique care twitter of all time. Steve Waiting Mike Nock. I believe the fire. It's coming here. Steve Panicking. Oh You motherfucker not exactly accurate checkmate megna reach for Gif. Where there yet Steve Robinson rules of retaliation say Home Corporate? Steve Please I beg you please layoff. I just I just nailed you with a bucket. Mother of all gifts getting inappropriate. You Get yes I have to get vin dog on this where you just did it. It was a reply to your tweet okay at TJ fake news but trump as good. That's not bad class. That's vintage everything about. It certainly does A. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA. I'm GONNA send the BARSTOOL events people. Hey just because I think we're all good here..

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