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Simplified I'm sure he'll see you next reported ten forty eight AM breaking traffic alerts when they happen well the KRLD weather center looking add to a partly cloudy day and it's going to be hot humidity going off just a tick hive around ninety four degrees today overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning a possibility of some scattered thunderstorms coming through nothing severe though partly cloudy and hot this weekend once more with highs in the mid nineties a little better chance of rain early next week right now a KRLD it's eighty two good morning it is ten forty I'm John but I live in the Mercedes Benz of Plano news center stay connected to KRLD and get breaking news alerts on your phone download the radio dot com app tap on the heart to favorite KRLD down to the ten eighty pop watch now it's a dollar fifty nine in west Dallas of the axon stationed at singleton and Luke twelve also one sixty four E. N. at Arlington racetrack at Cooper and Mayfield and one sixty nine Ian McKinney at the QuikTrip at Plymouth road and seventy five a current local average in North Texas P. as a pocket eighty two with hospitals closed to visitors patients are coping with illness alone but one man went above literally and beyond to see his wife face to face for her birthday that's why he is this week's KRLD difference maker Jim tally has been with his wife almost his entire life thirty seven years we dated for five years on top of that forty two years with the woman I know and I know nothing else and with all my life my high school sweetheart my best friend so when she needed surgery to treat ovarian cancer he wanted nothing more than to be by your side everything went well or it could be in the hospital there I understand that I respect that during the call that nineteen is nine years old hi it was difficult no matter what what your spouses in the hospital you want to be with your spouse Lisa was still in the hospital on her birthday when they got some news for two days I can't be there so I'm going to send her a little Instagram Happy Birthday and I get a call at twelve fifty two AM something has gone wrong they're putting their fax numbers you surgery locally the surgery went well Jim works in construction he had an idea and access to a scissor lift saying happy birthday.

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