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And with this particular listener is sharing with us in the mail, and what several of you who share shared your previous life experiences regrets it cetera along the exact same lines is. While there is no more condemnation. With God's forgiveness. We can't escape the consequences of our actions. We may escape the terminal condemnation for them. Because God through his son paid the penalty for us in that regard that we deserve. But the, but the natural consequences of those actions are not undone time is not reversed. Superman doesn't fly around the earth backwards in order to rectify wrong. The consequence remains the condemnation is gone. You have to carry that guilt with you forever. Praise God for that. But the consequences remain. And here's this listener saying I'm living. I'm gonna live with those consequences rest of my life praise Jesus I'm forgiven. But I think you can even tell when you just heard me reading the Email. There's a there's still a little hole there. In the heart. That a grandchild. That would have brought you a lot of joy won't be able to bring. Because we made these decisions without realizing how decisive they might be. And I think we're gonna need to do more of this in our activism. I think we're going to need to make this a much more, and I wouldn't say emotional, I would say personal. A much more personal plea to the culture. Do you in have you been made aware? Of the consequences that can ensue from this. I'm talking about statistics or studies I'm talking about. Here's what happened in my life. And then you share what happened in yours? This is something I think is missing from a lot of our activism, and I think it's a strategic evolution. We're gonna have to make in the area in which we are now entering into. We are entering into a pagan era. You are Paul at f- asus. Mars hill. You are in the midst of a pagan culture, and it's you're not gonna be able to just throw dog whistles out there for the silent majority anymore to come hither the first Tuesday in November that's not gonna work. You don't have the numbers. We have to win more people over. And you and people are one over I love philosophy. I love data. I used them a ton in my show. I think there are friends. And they can be used to help you win the case. But inevitably human beings are human beings. People are people they're not algorithms or formulas. And I think we're gonna have to learn how we're going to share the personal touch to reinforce the studies in the watch in the philosophy that we often like to cite as conservatives. I'm not talking about poorly emotional appeal on talking about a relational appeal. That's what I'm talking about a connection. Been where you are. I know what you're thinking right now. My my life is not a pleasant valley Sunday. I'm not a stereotype, and I wanna make sure I clarify something from yesterday's conversation as well. This is from Dwayne and several emails along this line to says I watched yesterday, and I can understand what you guys are saying about loving, your enemies. But I I also think that I can fight these people that believe in killing babies with all I have this is a spiritual fight. We are in the pro choice. People are being deceived. I think your anger the day before was justified, and that we need to do whatever we can to stop this. I do not hate them. But they need to be defeated. I think at this way. If I saw someone standing over a baby ready to kill it. I would not contemplate how I need to love them and think of my sins that would he quit to what they want to do. I would do everything in my power to stop them. I think your way of thinking today shows weakness to the pro-choice side, we've all stood by too long and watch the. Order of millions of babies. First of all. Loving your enemies. Weakness is inherent to the human species. Many of us. I mean, we don't have to was the last time. You heard parents say. Maybe your parents said this to you you ever have your parents such aside and say, hey, Honey, I need you to be a little bit weaker. I need you to be more subservient..

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