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When i did the shards would fall on my head leaving leaving a trail of broken glass that i would have to crawl over okay We need to view the quest towards equity and justice as the rela- and not a sprint. As a relay not a sprint. I took the baton as far as i could all the way to the debate stage. I'm counting on the next person to take it from where i am handled handing it off and to bring us closer to the finish line. Many thanks to those who have supported me to whom i will be forever. Grateful i will find another other ways. I mean to be of service. That's what she T- she tweeted. You know what's cool is. Is that marcy. Ian who won her writing because she was representing not only she stepping down. She's She did not win her writing in center and why ended up being marcy ian muscian. I'm sure if you saw her face you would recognize her. She used to be news anchor on c. Tv see teenager. She's been on tv like sharana. Famous she's toronto famous. She canada faint. Okay okay she was like that girl girl hankering. Oh my god okay okay. I never understood that level representations since everything is for me so thank you for sharing that. Thank you for your on his excitement on board. Like i don't even notice while i'm bored with being represented so much in media Okay we're gonna cover that in a minute but it was really cool that marsin who happened to win The writing the enemy. Paul represented And she tweeted back saying you are a true trail. Adamy thank you for your leadership in grace others will walk through doors because you open them wishing you all my best check them open yes she should drop. Kick those doors open. She's like fuck your ceilings. I'm here. I am not your puppet so yeah so Just kinda so..

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