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Who, was recently released from a center in Dili has died the American immigration lawyers association, would not say how the girl died or how old she was the immigrant rights group raises says that facility has a long history of problems in the last three and a. Half years we along with three other. Organizations have filed class wide administrative complaints complaining about the medical care and an, immigration attorney, from Houston who I posted about the. Death. On Twitter claims the child caught a. Respiratory illness from another migrant child meanwhile the. Administration and the ACLU will, square off today over held a reunite separated. Children hundreds of immigrant children who were separated from their parents still haven't been reunited at the Trump administration and. The ACLU or at odds over how to handle it complicating a situation many of those parents have been. Deported the Trump administration wants the. ACLU to use its. Resources to find the parents the ACLU. Which sued on behalf of separated parents He says the government should find. Them police say a man shot his girlfriend multiple times inside, the house they shared in government hill just south of fort Sam Houston early this morning as she lay dying in the living. Room the man then walked out into the front yard and shot himself in the head she. Was dead when police arrived at the home on San Meyer street the man still barely had polls and was rushed to. Bam, in extremely critical condition police swarmed around the Astra, bowl and, Harry words Bach this morning after an armed robbery and if, you're that one of the crooks might still be. Inside the robbers are now suspected in two more highs. In, the Austin highway area it could take years for a positive identification but military forensic, scientists say it appears the boxes handed over to US officials by North Korea appears to contain the remains of American soldiers found remains that were consistent with being Americans we have. Remains that look to have been in. A state of preservation consistent with coming from the Korean war era military items, provided along, with boxes of remains match equipment issue US forces in the early nineteen. Fifties America's top security officials say Russia is at it again, at the White House yesterday director of national intelligence Dan code. Said Russia is involved in a pervasive influence campaign ahead of November's midterm elections FBI. Director Chris Wray. Noted Russia's meddling in the two thousand sixteen presidential election, and also warned that the threat is ongoing well San Antonio city council is considering. An ordinance that would require all, businesses in the city to provide employees with paid sick. Leave a petition with, more than one hundred and forty five thousand signatures demanding sick leave from employers has been validated city council vote in two. Weeks on whether to adopt the petition as. Written at the council does not accept the petition the measure will be put on the ballot in the November. Election as we begin to coast toward the start of the New Year's. San Antonio's trinity university has been ranked the best college in the state by the website college consensus editor Jeremy Alder. Says he uses both rankings from students and professors and profession Journals and magazine together you would have. A kind of inside outside perspective on a college number two behind trinity is, rice, followed, by Texas. Lutheran UT Austin and Texas am w away I news time seven thirty seven traffic and weather together in just. A, minute but first a check of your money in the world.

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