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Eli Manning Stop It. No you're jets fan. I am Yes. It's the one that even talk about that right now. I almost almost. We almost named his Middle Name jet. Because of that. Thank God we didn't would just would well. You could've told people was after a wing Song Tom. Well the thing will wing some jet that Oh okay. Sure that's true. Yeah well you know. We decided that at the end of the day. When I hear the name ally I'll probably still think of my kid and not Eli Manning see before the kid comes here? Eli Eli Manning. But now that he lives here. I'm going to figure my son right so that was quickly. That fear was quickly washed away right all right look. We've talked about ask for the first ten the minutes of the show. I mean I've known you for a long time. We talk about the state. I remember those days when you were always so humble so fun fun to be around. I just felt comfortable around. You just a genuine. You've always been so genuine and I said Yeah I always thought I want that. I've got to keep you know nice doing well. Well thank you. Are you just genuinely good dude. And you're so funny and I remember watching the state and going God. Yeah this guy so funny you just gotTa in. I remember you struggle. We all struggle but like for years right your way people think Oh Brooklyn nine nine. He did reno nine Not Reno nine one. Yeah you know Kinda hard to say Reno nine one one Brooklyn nine nine. I play a lot. I played a lot of cops one. That's really nice of you to say a Mike and it's the you know the struggles real for a lot of people for many of US actors but I try to surround myself with good people I it was the first step and try not to take too seriously but you know it was nice to have the success. I had but you know there's some bitterness is there was some comparing myself and some jealousies along the way that you have to kind of you know. Eat Up you know. Did you ever resent like in the beginning going thinking you know one of your buddies your peers. I think we've all gone through doing so whilst why can't you just give me a lift like Kenny. Just fucking drop me off the the twenty third and fourth you know. Give me a ride. GimMe just Gimme a lift a nice series. Something right I mean. There's there's no way like I have friends that you know. When I was in Smallville or pastor I was filming in Canada so they hire all Canadian locals and you know? Sometimes I'd have people audition or something. I didn't have that choice. Like it's not like you know in pastor finally was a thing where I was an executive producers like hey I want my friend whoever over to come out I want my friend Troy to do this. I WANNA Roger to come. I want to if there's a role I want them even if it's not that big I want them to be a part of that. I would do if I ever had if I was ever creator our producer of a show. I mean these are things I'm trying to do But that's that's when you give back you know I. I think that's great that you did that. You have to do that. Yeah but I haven't been I've been creator of things that have an aired so or have not even been shot just I sold something so that's when I did my movie. Yeah I remember. I directed this movie back in the day and it was was just like a Raunchy lowbrow comedy and I was like Ballard get you know. You're out Saraj flying out Josefina. You're flying out Whatever I can do my friend? Jay Ferguson's Madail male. He already had a career. But I'm like please do this role anybody any of my friends. I just wanted to be satisfying. Isn't it it's like we years five years ago. Me and Michael Ian Black created this show called beef which was like judge. Judy meets like the Sopranos. And the bid is it takes place at like butcher shop and And you know the the A guy Forgetting carry criminal only played them would settle these neighborhood. Skirmishes yeah one over with a nice craft. Beer over WOULDA Janis like Super Bowl Party and then you know. He wouldn't let me have that. He hit the beer and we had a drink is like bud light shit feel then. He kept craft beer. You know stuff like that right and so and I invite Bauer did some and a lot of my friends that are so good so talented but just haven't gotten that chance yet. If felt awesome like in in and I feel that's important. I think you've gotta look out. I think I think it is important. It's also hard when you don't have a lot of the you know especially like when I was in small I had a lot of success. Yes I just remember going. I know what they want. They want these pretty boys pretty girls show and they have to be Canadian. Can't afford it because you know the cheap and they you know unless it was like it was like you know. And you're like you're GONNA show dude. Why can't you get me on Smallville? It's like if you look at it. Everybody was young long except for me. Yeah like everybody young. And there's my dad Lionel Luther and yeah but there was a lot I could do. I did try. You weren't a producer where you know wasn't the producer you didn't have that level a lot of it. Is this kind of misunderstanding of how the business works and how the power structure works hierarchy and like. Oh you're on Brooklyn and I just like put me on. I'm like believing how I mentioned you to Joel. Best Rep who was fantastic casio either I have not mentioned mentioned you. I thought you were told you that you asked me that. Sorry Joe Find All right Rosie. I'll talk to her unbelievable. How does he do it do it? But Yeah but you have to go through certain channels and I do I do and by the wager. WanNa come on the show would come on Brooklyn you mean a hit. Show that you're on that so do it yeah. Some people are very selective live in I am. I am selected in terms of. I just don't like a lot of people go. Why are you doing I go? You know what I just WanNa do my own stuff unless it's obviously if it's something that I just you know Jensen apples. He's the lead on supernatural. Okay and he emailed me last night. He's like dude. Call Your fucking agent and get on supernatural last season and I might and it's so nice because this is a huge huge phone Inc. million people and I'm like you know in my head I'm like I I love Jensen and I love the show. I Love Supernatural Shit and I love the fans and the fans are so I'm like you know if it's the right thing I would do it of course. Are you kidding me lucky but yes we'd be lucky to have so. Do Phone your name out to be kidding me. I'd love it even if it was like something fun and quick. I don't give a shit I don't let me go with that stuff. Just becoming funny egos are tough to keep in check. Aren't they did. I've been learning learning about ego. I've learned I've really you know I've talked about this but you don't know this but I. I went off to a wellness center for three weeks. So I listened to some of your All the peripherally but not a lot. We were talking about meditation. I just started that a few months ago as well do it every day. I do it every day. I'm for ten minutes I'LL I'll I've missed you know. Sometimes I miss a day or two but it's been It's been very very helpful. How do you feel when you miss a day? guilty. Yeah isn't that something. Like a routine thing. I try to express it to people. But if you're doing something everybody does governor drink four cups of coffee. Oh I wake up. I had a cigarette cigarette oil. Wake up I do this. I go now imagine that you feel like you have to do that. Imagine you you break that routine. You don't have that you know you could have. It takes twenty minutes imagine a new habit And now you're going that's what happens. I hate meditation. I hate meditation and then two weeks and I'm like have to keep doing that and now it's Today's ninety six days straight I wake up and I do twenty eight minutes and I cannot miss her. I feel like a failure and that's a very routine now even if people oh. I don't know how my mind's racing motherfucker look at me. Twenty seven because that that was an intimidating thing for me starting meditation as well. Because like how do you meditate. What era in San City? Everything's GonNa be quiet. No and then. I was working with Zappa Napa listening to this APP. You'RE GONNA say you're listening to ZAP Galifianakis trauma fanaticism meditation tape and. It's it's wonderful. It's wonderful I want. I'm going to finish gotTA finish but I really want to do. He knows this. I WanNa do a meditation APP. I WanNa do my voice choice. Yeah like because what I'm thinking. Yeah like I it would be shit like this. Joe I WANNA hear yours to mine would be like all right. Listen if you're like like me you know your mind is going nuts right now. I should take a piss before this thing. I should probably I don't know wash my face. Ace I should brush my teeth my practice up at right now but listen. Listen nothing matters triton and the ones smelling your breath I want you to just my nose is a little. It's not clear. So that's why you're hearing that that's a truck in the distance. Listen to that I was thinking those things I know I know that what would yours be I do well. I think they're all it's always deep right but it would be. Let's sit down this find a comfortable place. Let's concentrate trade on what it feels like to think about what you're GonNa do later. Wait don't do that freed breath. Did you make plans to have lunch. Don't think that either startled. They.

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