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The Apprentice with the financial diva Wednesday, the 17th again If you want to know more about that you could go to the chapel would financial Web site or call 34809093480909. Do you think taxes will be going up, George? Access will be go. It depends Think taxes weren't along a big gamma to say taxes for home. That's true, definitely probably for the oil industry and or maybe even the gun industry. Uh, maybe I noted, noted, I don't I don't see that the tax is gonna go up the gun industry well again. I don't know whether it's hard to say what the relationship ship is between people buying guns and what's going on in the world. But I don't do taxes. There will always do well, people, I think now will probably want more protection. So I anticipated the gun manufacturers will do extremely well. It might be in there good area to think of investing in because everybody is very nervous about fourth course going on. Especially what happened then. Washington over over January 7th. So it's ah as far as the others. That's that's that's a guess. And I wouldn't bet against it. I wouldn't bet for it. It's not my cup of tea to invest it, But I think basically would be a good investment. I would think what we degrade investment is as far as I'm concerned, is any company that you to technology. Because I think the services there have to be A lot better than they are now and they are. They are good, so there's going to be bore surveillance. There's going to be need for data. It's gonna be all that secure. I think they have Ah, tremendous opportunity, and I think that the growth will be here they have were in the past. I think even more so. Because it's all tied in to getting better reporting of data. And understand the same thing would with was called it. The data reporting or data has been slow. And a little vory. Destroy him. Now that's gotta stop. Not only for covert, but just generally, you're gonna have to have more daughter Donna have to go faster and you're gonna have to have the software and the hardware that can handle that flow. George Ross is where this any comments on the recent controversy about short sellers. Can't it Z? Not with the recent controversy? Yeah, I do, because I like it always went a little guy with short sellers. The whole concept. Short selling, I think should have greater scrutiny. The idea of selling something you don't know that never intended to have never intended to own and make a profit on it to me is wrong. In other words, that's pure gambling and pure gambling on something you don't have. For example, if you had a piece of property, and I said, I'll tell you what, I'll show it, sell it, and I never intended to buy it. And I can't buy that. I think that's that's wrong. I think what happened? It is this Short selling is really a vehicle for the hedge funds. They make a pot full of money on it and the banks and so had made a possibly because it's a pure gamble. But I also understand that it's a protected gamble because they buy protection. On the downside. But the company the insurance company to protect the downside data, ones that get left holding the bag. George Ross's financial people. Is they convict rape protect themselves by saying I can't be Get to get be hurt If there's a big loss because my losses are limited by my contracts with the with the company says if it goes down further than that, you pay me so it's pure gambling. You're gambling without it was buying and selling something you never you never wanted you never intended to buy, but somebody else has a market for it. You know George Ross from the Apprentice. He will be attending the diva and friends, virtual speaking Syriza coming up on Wednesday at 3 32 5 30. That will be an opportunity for you here from George Ross. Maybe even asks a few of your own questions, and they learn more about that 3480909 or chapel would financial of Chapel with financial services website. George Ross. Thanks for giving us some time today and we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday. Thanks Any time if you need me, boys, just give me a call. And you know, I got diversified experience. So maybe I could be held in has been later with Leigh Matthews. Leigh Matthews Podcast. Remember to listen. Live to the drive weekdays from 5 to 7 on NewsRadio..

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