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It just impresses me because you wanna see people actually moving forward in that area are my sleeper. Rickie seals. Tied in for the cardinals is if it felt a little less enthusiastic today, Jason, excuse my sleeper, not his, yeah. All right. To me when I see what's going on in Arizona, you have a lot of unknown behind Larry FitzGerald in the past catching space, Larry FitzGerald, David Johnson, you know, they're gonna get theirs, but Christian Kirk, Brice Butler. Chad Williams, JJ Nelson JJ Nelson, my goodness, you. You live to drop passes JJ. I don't know why, but I don't see a lot of clarity behind fits in David Johnson. And what I do see is a very accurate Sam Bradford that is presently healthy and then offense and a Ricky seals Jones that is running round pretty much every time he's on the field. This was a guy who was a wide receiver throughout his entire collegiate career, a five star recruit a pass catcher by nature. And I think he's gonna end up a favorite target for Sam. Bradford UC will in the beginning of the season and he's going basically on drafted. I was the last person. Draft the tight end in our league of record draft. And I ended up with Ricky seals Jones and I'm cool with it. And then Graham Barfield friend of the show. He went out and tweeted a couple of very interesting things about Ricky seals Jones one basically saying he deserves a lot more hype as the late round tied in because the cardinals have two hundred seventy one targets available in that offense. He's played on eighty seven percent of first team snaps in preseason, and they opened the season against Washington the Redskins have given up the fourth most third, most an eighth most yards per game too tight ends over the last three years. I think the he fixed that absolute sleeper. Teams can start em week one. You can go out there and get him and start em week. One I think Ricky seals Jones is going to and he flashed last year. I mean he had opportunities. He scored touchdowns four games of over eighteen yards. And the team just likes him and they need him. You know, it's not. It's not like a tied in. That's got a bunch of talent, but you're, you're stuck behind three or four, five, six pass catchers. You know, AS j. like I like AS j. Jacksonville, I don't. I don't see a pathway to him being a week to we guy at least I see the pathway Ricky seals Jones. Sure. I think that's fair. And while Mike McCoy has had, you know, Antonio gates, great weapons. He he has also utilized the tight end position over the course of his head coaching in office of coordinating. So there are a lot of things pointing towards a quality breakout year for Ricky seals Jones..

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