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Uh supernatural creatures but they're really just early on race very very ancient it had technology for hundreds of millions of euro space travel technology according to my first they're the most intelligent and technologically advanced race that we know of to exist they have i'm told average iq around two hundred and uh them near the bad guys yeah yeah go the bad guys because they they they don't have any company for a fifty off as we see cattle we are like a harvestable resource they they like to keep people alive there there they have absolutely no they're up till the end their have emotions such as as compe hashim sympathy mercy kindness friendship they don't have those emotions there about territoriality aggression um uh research and and dr achievement science but they don't care at all they don't have like like sympathy or anything like that they don't care if you hurt they don't care if you're terrorized elect with your terrorized because when humans are terrorized the go off lots of flesh as energy through our our bodily as and these these beings can absorb it and they they seem to give a high out of eating human flesh which is been supercharged with adrenaline so they like to terrorise people to the maximum possible and then basically they consume i am alive so that's an and we are that's who we signed a treaty with oh my goodness that more to come here you're listening to coast to coast in in this is dairy tyler telling us what he knows aliens more to come here because coast insiders the coast to coast this would live anywhere coast to coast download it today.

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