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Leave us alone want is to be left alone between equally why's that so hard do you hate us that much that you can't not do that so speaking of people need to leave stuff alone unique has got to stop going to white house made it a whole hour i made it a whole in this is the first time i've said the n word initial be proud of me i am proud but they i had to say i give you a pen no i give you a pass on this one have you seen your pet yes i saw the video so we told you quit go on places where yo money is appreciated you watch the lady and my gun get slammed and have our top pool down exposing her bare breasts to the world you watched a little boy lem nineteen twenty year old boy young man excuse me let me not say boy the nineteen twenty year old young man after taking his younger sister to the prom get choked by police officer in here in north carolina and now you're at fort walton beach in florida because florida's well cries be blah and we're watching people say hey can you explain to me why my bill is so high are you charging me for stuff that i didn't order or didn't get and these folks call the police on new and the police say no you need to pay the bill even if you dig charge and stuff that you didn't pay for.

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