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Coast-to-coast pillar-to-post. It's tests in the moose on CBS sports radio. Out still a glimmer. So we'll see you again, we'll we'll continue to focus in on playing football. The town. All intense purpose we played on. Yeah. I get that. And that is Carolina head coach Ron Rivera as he addressed the media. And after we all witnessed it Monday night is that Cam Newton Cam throw the football. So rod Rivera's we discussed yesterday whether or not to shut Cam Newton down for the rest of the regular season against the Carolina Panthers. Still have a slim playoff chance in the NFC. They do. Now, they've got to do something that they have not done in the better part of a month and a half. And that's what in a football game because they've lost six straight games and Cam Newton's throwing mechanics have progressively gotten worse. So I don't understand the mindset here. When you look at the player now, noon did have shoulder surgery. What two thousand seventeen were sitting here were approaching two thousand nineteen where a couple of weeks away to a new year. The Carolina Panthers are not making the playoffs. I would tell you from what I've witnessed watching Carolina football. I think the Atlanta Falcons are going to beat them and eliminate them this weekend. But put that aside don't you at some point in time for the betterment of your organization, and I know Ron Rivera head coach, and I get that he is facing get uncertain future down in Carolina as well. And if he's going to go down he wants to go down what is perceived to be his best at Newton as the most talented player a quarterback out his roster. When healthy he is not healthy. And when you have a quarterback that can't throw the football down the field in two thousand eighteen and the National Football League. How how on God's green earth the possibly continue to roll them out there? That doesn't make any sense last six game Cam Newton's got nine touchdowns and nine interceptions. He can't hit the broad side of the barn. If his life depended on at this stage. We saw it on Monday night. And that is dot. That's just the latest example of it. If you've watched him Eddie watch Cam Newton throw the football. You say something is not right with that shoulder. A clearly if not now doctors probably have said he can't do anymore damage to it cab is even come out and said well out, oh, exactly. What's going on with the shoulder? Leuke clearly as we played a cut yesterday the talented linebacker and pro bowler all pro for Carolina saying, I know Cavs got a lot of hard. I know he's got a lot of tough days. I don't know exactly. What's going on with cabinet? And I do know this what you're witnessing on the field as we joked around and talked about earlier on the regular season. Cam newton. You could make an argument because of the style and fashion which he plays the game the success that he's had what he was able to do it all burn how it translates to the NFL throw the. Personality the smile. The drama out of it. You look at them as a player when healthy. He is a generational talent. He is. Love hate them. It doesn't matter you need to respect what he can provide a football team running throwing at his size with his speed. He's a remarkable talent. It is painful to watch him throw the football now. And I know the backup quarterback is gonna go beat the Atlanta Falcons this weekend. I get it. And Ron Rivera wakes up on this Wednesday morning saying. You know, a sixty five percent Cam Newton a seventy percent Cam Newton is still better than our backup quarterback. You want to tell me is nursing an ankle injury. You wanna tell me he's nursing the injury dealer with a Balki back. Those are different injuries that what he's dealing with right now. He assured hopping throws two receivers who are ten yards away from him throws. And even he is not even though he's not the most accurate quarterback at he's with great. Accuracy this year. He usually puts right on the hands right on the numbers. He is now hurting your Tibor than helping your team. The hell with presence the hell with leadership the hell with all of that. The Carolina Panthers. Need to think about even though Ron Rivera is probably going to be out after this season. And they're going to be looking for a change at the head coaching spot. And maybe Rivera's thinking about his own mortality as head coach in Carolina. When making this decision. The Carolina Panthers. Someone needs to step in and say, we've got to think about the long term success of our franchise. And we have to make sure that Cam Newton is ready set healthy, and that shoulder is healthy come the start of two thousand eighteen and if you don't exactly know everything that's going on with that shoulder. You've got to figure it out. And this is going to be a long term problem. Then that's a best of issue for Carolina. What if it's something that can be fixed surgery rehab rehab, rest, whatever I'm not going to tell him. We're gonna play doctor here on this Wednesday morning. Whatever you need to do to get that shoulder back to one hundred percent healthy eating to do it. And you need to do it sooner rather than later. And it's just so shortsighted when you think about the franchise. It's so sighted the Carolina Panthers. They're not going to the Super Bowl this year. Ron Rivera might be able to save his job. But they make the postseason. They've lost six straight games. They haven't won in a month and a half. They were a one point at time of team that you would probably right on the dotted line saying, the they're gonna make the postseason of the NFC. And then you saw this complete regression defensively Rivera, Colin plays all the shoulder of Newt get worse. The only beneficiary has been has been Christian McCaffrey who we know as a dual threat running back. Spot running a catching the ball coming out of the backfield. And even now throwing it on Monday night for a touchdown has been on real aside from tell me out somebody else DJ more. Curtis samuel. How they were begging Greg Olsen to get back on the field before he went down to get another injury. It is a problem. That for the better part of the first half after Christian McCaffrey fifty yard touchdown throw. Probably until the third minute. Mark three minute. Mark of the second quarter that he was leading the team in passing. That's a problem. When you are home. What do you have a quarterback that is as good as noon, and you're taking on a Saint secondary that struggled? But that was what was transpired. So even though they do have a small glimmer of hope of making it to the postseason Carolina.

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