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Fm and in the lobby of ramsey solutions chased and sarah or whether they guiso are yup hair again career welcome welcome what are you guys live and dick van oh you're right here in nashville area okay very cool and here to do a debtfree scream yes i love it i much of your paid off pay off a total of about two hundred thousand dollars my goodness how long did that take just around four years okay cool and you're range of income during that time started out about forty seven five and then seren i got married and ended up uh just about dublin so i'll crash about ninety now okay co what he'll do vowing well i'm a engineer and sarah's a stayhome mom oh very good okay good fun fun fun so what kind of debt was just two hundred thousand box i had thirty in student loans sara head fifty and student loans and then we had one hundred twenty and a house you paid off your house yes sir looking to wear brie way to go you two hour you guys 29 26th in europe paidfor astronaut him thirty that's wacked that's just completely creation feel weird yeah you know any body this 30 years older less as a paidfor else now syria one well good for you guys welt on what's the house worth rudd at about one hundred twenty good for you guys fairly axes an extra cash flow twenty of the house and the way actually ended up selling it and there's a little bit of a story that goes into that new sold it yes we need on it now now wearing a different home but it's also paid for oh okay all right i'm catch all god well done so tell me the story what happened four years ago that began this journey and we actually just celebrated their thirty anniversary on wednesday and unique word chased met me he paid off his suit and then bought rim and then he met me we got married and i added tar debt and he married me anyway and m during the time that we were paying off my student loans we had samy also had to pause during that time and then when we pay dummy loans last year and we started paying aggressively on our mortgage and then of january this year.

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