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Just a year after Tom Warner was allegedly trying to sell the company for six hundred million dollars. So when you find out that this is not going to happen, and I mean, even when fusion had supposedly a bid in there for like five point, seven million dollars down and then two point one, five million dollars per year in payments over twenty years. So it's a significant up front and then millions of dollars a year, a long, long time. And then you find out that's off the table and Vince McMahon has bought it. What's the reaction amongst longtime employees? Is it all around a sigh of relief? What do you remember. It really, I think there was some confusion as to what the hell are you going to do with it? And it was viewed by some people is dead brand, but listening, you know, she got into listening through what the hell was going on and hearing all of these astronomical numbers invents will Scoffing at those inflated numbers the whole time going, they hell's at work. You know, it's it's not worth fifty million dollars. It's not worth twenty million dollars. It's not worth ten million dollars. So is you as you go through that? Vince had very clearly what he was looking for. He, he was looking for that library and he was looking for assets and then think that there were a whole hell of a lot of assets at WCW, but felt that really their only alternative was to sell to us in to sell their their library and some of the rings and what have you want a whole lot to sell. So let's talk about the actual amount of money that's been rumored that Vince McMahon Bosnia for. But before we do that because I know you've got a great anecdote from this past weekend when mcdevitt dropped a lot on us, I'll never forget. But I do want to ask about the end of two thousand because it makes the dirt sheets that Vince McMahon was close divine WCW at the end of two thousand, not March of two thousand one, but the end of two thousand. Do you remember his him? You know that even coming up in any of the meetings, or is this something he was playing close to the best at the end of two thousand? No, we were talking about it and dense when WCW announced and was fishing out there that they were looking to sell. There was always a guy. His last name escapes me, but Stu was gentleman that was our CEO and Stu hit worked at TBS and he had worked for the Turner organization before coming to work for us. So he had a relationship and he was doing he's the one that put the deal together. He's the one that was talking to the folks at WCW and yeah. I mean when as soon as it was up for sale, Vince we all knew that he was interested in. It was thinking about. Purchasing whether or not the whole company or just, you know, different parts of it. Let's talk a little bit about the amount because when the deal actually closes the rumor and innuendo is that Vince paid somewhere in the range of two million dollars for WCW and all of its intellectual property and all of the video tape library. And what I found so fun about our visit with mcdevitt this past weekend is when someone brought up, he that he was sort of the the guy who had the idea. Why don't you just make another razor in diesel which was the Genesis of fake razor fake diesel and it was all born out of you guys suing WCW that, hey, Scott hall, and Kevin Nash are in here, you know, sort of pretend portraying themselves as working for us and you guys landed a run sheet and they're actually listed on the road sheet, the format for the television show as razor in diesel. So in the end years later, Turner has to write a check for like two million dollars. The. Title this case with Vincent man and Jerry whipped. And then later we use that money to buy the company. Exactly how great is that? Yatta love it. Well, you know, it's. It's just Justice in the end. I remember when Vince sold, you know, he purchased Georgia championship wrestling. He got control in that by getting Jerry Jack Brisco to sell him, their stock, he gained control that was black Saturday. And everybody went nuts when the WWF product was on TBS and the five o..

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