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This area Milwaukee becomes Shorewood Shorewood save very liberal community but one that has very high property values a lot of big houses and I think the best way to describe show what is it that it's quiet that's what it's like the lefties at all what the hell of the city they are all there all that sure what there is a police light established and was the night before in short what it wants the protesters got to thirty thirty five hundred dollars which is about the shore would lied there's a lot of police officers on the side but there are a lot with them this time to continue to move forward and as I said everything about this protest so far was peaceful so they made the decision to allow them to keep moving forward in the content or north north north north takes forever and ever and ever and they get to the big intersection the big intersection in shore what is where Oakland Avenue and capital drive meet and the police blocked up they're also blocking their blocking them from continuing further north into shore wide and they're also blocking them from going west on Capitol all right we're now past midnight so now they stop for the while they divine a horn honking and shouting and somewhat and the police had a decision to make it this is what I wanted to put you in the other guy's shoes another police involved here obviously this is going to be short would police and probably a lot of other north shore apartments that were doing assistance when I was viewing the police guys that were off to the side I saw several different jurisdictions on the island sides of the squad cars including whitefish bay.

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