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How excited are you to watch doing? Oh, he's excited. I mean, he just can't wait to watch Joey Gladys, a Rangers outfielder in all Star Dollies Garcia, he isn't with his interpreter before last night's home run Derby. Up in Denver. Good morning from our Mercedes Benz. A plane of sports chest. I'm Steve Lamb. Garcia, uh, would have been fun to watch with some of the best home run hitters in the game if he had got into this event He had an up close seat to see Gallo, who was smashing the ball out of Coors Field in this first round, but round out of time in trying to beat the Rockies, Trevor story to Gallo took a seat earlier than he wanted in an event that the New York Mets Peter Alonso one For the second year in a row. That guy can smash the baseball, but this year was a lot more fun because you had the fans in the stands to see it. Remember, a year ago, fans weren't able to be a part of the All Star break. Which made it just normal last night against the game Coming up tonight. Gallo Garcia and Kyle Gibson will be representing the Texas Rangers. Dallas Cowboy fans are hoping that former NFL quarterback Alex Smith is right with his take on Dak Prescott, coming back from that serious leg injury last season. Smith should know. After he returned the field a year ago from a broken leg a couple of years ago, he told USA Today he thinks Prescott is going to have a huge, huge year. And he's one of the most unique athletes in the NFL Time will tell Cowboys that camp a week from tomorrow out in Oxnard, California. And those hockey fans. Still be down in Tampa Bay. They got the party yesterday. They had that parade. Um did you see it? No, but it's about time they week and a half ago, but I don't know what the delay was, but they had a party on the water to celebrate their Stanley Cup champs. Did they damage the Cubs? And Yep, and the cup while it didn't end up in the water, remember the Super Bowl champion Buccaneers did this had their parade on the water? And they threw the Lombardi Trophy from boat to boat. Yes, the cup did sustain. What they call an upper body injury in a in a tweet. The team said, Uh we can buff it out. Cup showed a bit of debt to the top of the trophy. So what they're gonna do is they'll ship it back to Canada to Montreal so they can buff it out, make some repairs. And then they ship it back because the tradition is if you're a player on the championship teen you get to have the cup for a day. Yeah, Even some of the Swedish players have taken it home to Sweden. Right? Right. If you want to, You know, whatever you want to do with it. I remember in the Stars had it. Ended up in somebody's pool. Because the McDonald's been, wouldn't it? What was it McDonald's pool? I I don't know whose pool it was, but I know it got wet. Oh, it's it's had harder treatment than that. That thing's been buffed out more than Joan Collins. But I just thought that was funny to go. Well, it's no big deal. We'll just buffet out like like you're going to take it to a body shop. I don't live with that revisions to be right there. All right. Six or seven. Natural look on sports..

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