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Me. Beer. That's Senator Elizabeth Warren at nine in the morning being relatable to the average Joe offering her husband beer as she announced exploring a run for president Senator Warren and her exploratory committee will be spending the weekend in Iowa two people including a child missing after boat capsized on his way to Miami coast. Guard says the eighteen foot boat was carrying migrants on smuggling operation from the Bahamas when he's flipped over this weekend off the Jupiter inlet, the missing are described as a nine year old from Haiti and a man from the Bahamas who is believed to be a smuggler nine others on the boat were rescued. This is Ricky bowl NewsTalk eight fifty W F T L. Nine one one call after two year old girl fell into a rhino enclosure. At the zoo day, a two year old girl slipped into the rhino exhibit at a zoo and the stout of at least one of the rhinoceroses made contact with the child a picture of a child shoe inside the closure hosted on Twitter. Father. Right over there. Zeus says the little girl stumbled and fell through steel poles during the popular rhino experience built by the zoo as educational we're guests young and old are able to interact with the white rhinos and even touch them. I've seen in photos from the zoo's website. The girl was airlifted to the hospital Zou immediately shut down the rhino encounter exhibit, which is described as a hands on educational experience. This says none of the rhinos will be punished and go to our website. A fifty wwl dot com. For more on the story. Lantana police has a bright line train crashed into a car yesterday afternoon on the tracks a Dixie highway and pine street driver not injured but collision between the train and a pedestrian in Broward County is being investigated as a possible suicide happened yesterday in Fort Lauderdale on the bridge over the cypress creek canal. The victim hit by the bright line train ended up in the canal. This is the eleventh death involving a bright line train in the last eighteen months and a child I was hit and killed Monday night in Atlanta, cascade mobile, home park is dead and the driver. Took off family members identified the boy is one year old Johnny Ramirez who died at the scene and his mother's speaking to an interpreter wants the driver to come forward. Up in. Face the situation where we know it was an accident that can happen to anyone.

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