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I'm Rebecca Missouri, Santelli went wins. News time eleven thirty two. Two. Now, the official ten ten wins AccuWeather four day forecast. Here's meteorologist Carl babinski with this live report. On this Sunday night. We are blustery and very chilly at this hour. Thirty two degrees under fair sky. Overnight lows expected to be in the mid twenties right now feels like it's in the low twenties and could feel in spots. Like it's in the teens for a while before the wind dies down a bit or tomorrow, Monday a fair amount of sun, but much colder high thirty five it'll become cloudy tomorrow night. Some rain is expected late and rain could freeze on a few surfaces at the onset, especially north and west of I two eighty seven could mix with some snow as well. But we're not expecting any accumulation in the suburbs. Thirty-three the low and mid town. It'll be in the upper twenties in areas north and west of the city and the temperature could start to rise. Just prior to daybreak on Tuesday. Earl be a bit of rain Tuesday morning, otherwise becoming milder cloud break for some sun, high fifty and we're back in the mid forty s Wednesday with a gusty wind. It'll be colder Thursday and Friday thirty two and fair right now, humidity forty seven. For shampoo in northwest twenty five miles per hour, fair repeating the current damage your thirty two we're headed down to twenty five in midtown arm. Accuweather meteorologist curb within ski on New York's weather station and Jan wins. Man. Currently thirty two degrees in Long Beach thirty-one in west orange twenty-six at the acme in Patterson. Sponsored by acne, acne earn rewards when you shop for gas or groceries wins news time eleven thirty three. At Walgreens, we know it's cold season. Again, a time. When all you're.

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