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The danger and they do it because of the families and we're seeing it here. Ali Ventnor ABC NEWS PHOENIX Elsa affecting the west Coast of Florida, and we are set to see the remains of that tropical storm here tomorrow night and into Friday, the National Hurricane Service as the storm. Is losing strength as it impacts northern Florida after making landfall earlier today. Georgia set to feel the impacts later on today also will be making its way up the East Coast, the western U. S and South West Canada in for some more brutally hot weather in the coming days, forecasters say Death Valley, California could hit 130 just four degrees below the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth. Parts of British Columbia, where the tiny town of light and got up to 121 last month will see highs around 100 by the weekend. Daytime highs. 25 degrees. Is hotter than historic averages are likely from the West Coast into the Great Basin and the national Weather Services overnight lows in many places will stay close to 100 in northwest Arizona areas below 4000. Ft could range between 110 and 117. Michael Kastner, the mass state police teaming up with the animal rescue League help protect our furry friends from heat stroke more from WBC's Mak Sure, this time of year your car gets so hot that you can make cookies inside of it. Trust me, I've done it, but that's no place for a pet. Just ask Dr Edwards Cotino from the Animal Rescue League as a dog's core temperature rises. Animal go into shock and even organ failure. Symptoms include heavy, panting glazed eyes, possible seizures. You get the idea now. What if you come across a dog in someone else's car? Here's joking. Ariel's director of law enforcement.

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