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The year. I'm going to get 70 to 71 was Leigh Michaels on a and M record? Yes. Yes, You are correct. Don Herb Alpert's label. Yeah, well, the end of 71. So yes, You're actually I think you were. You're right in there. All right, so it you're a savant? It is Jobs report Friday. Is it? Not? That could certainly set the tone for today's trading on Wall Street had another rally yesterday. Futures are lower at the moment. How futures down by 179 points, but we do get the jobs report about six minutes from now. Bloomberg Economics thinks we'll hear the payroll growth slowed last month is increasing. Kobe 19 infections hindered Hiring The consensus forecast is that 593,000 jobs were added to payrolls in October. Sofia that comes out all right, so the Federal Reserve is also sticking to its script. Which is good if you're trying to borrow money. That's right, holding the benchmark interest rate near zero not necessarily great for savers, but the central bankers have pledged to hold the line for at least three years. This latest policy statement that came out after the after the Fed ended its meeting yesterday says economic activity and employment have shown some signs of recovery, but of course, both but remain well below levels from the start of the year. Okay. I want Teo talk about Facebook because it's It's kind of interesting. What's gonna happen here? Yeah. The Facebook says he's going to a put a notice to users on its pages on Facebook and Instagram. As soon as the winner is projected in the presidential election, the Social network says it is taking this step to help fight. Misinformation about the outcome. Facebook says it's going to rely on a majority opinion from established news organizations to determine when to post this notice. All right. The latest deal in Pharma is international Medina Should drugmaker Novo Nordisk buying the American firm Atmosphere Technologies? It's a deal worth 1.8. Million dollars. No, Bo is the world's biggest producer of insulin. That's been teaming up with atmosphere for several years working on a drug delivery system. All right, so if I want Oh, say on all electric Porsche 9 11, Am I going to get one? Uh, no, we stopped laughing at the head of the company says it's not going to happen, at least not in the foreseeable future of Porsche boss Oliver Bloom said today. The 9 11 is a car prepared for a combustion engine. He says 100% battery powered 9 11 is a long way off, if ever You know, it's interesting, though, to make a statement like that, considering it is considering the advances that have been made an electric Palin for vehicles. I mean, the Tesla A is no joke. Now they're on the road. I mean, it's got some serious power, so I kind of thought I would say if ever Yeah, I don't know if I would do that, either. You know, maybe Maybe I'd shut my mouth more than I did. Consider considering So is Apple. I's a few new phones today. You can you can preorder the new iPhone 12, Minnie and iPhone 12 pro Max. The pre orders they're likely to sell out very quickly. It's expected the devices will be in short supply when they hit the stores next Friday. Apples been experiencing from manufacturing issues We've been noting lately, so that may take a while before everybody gets Phones they want. Well, we know what you mean. Jeff Bellenger..

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