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Potala these across america a chilling effect he says on recruit most are achieved sheriff i've spoken to tell me they are recruiting numbers are down by about half of what they normally our number one cause officer potala traffic related incidents jim taylor cbs news do research suggesting when children are exposed to negative experiences bit affects both their mental and physical health their entire life wwl shall southern reports jealous asky professor pediatrics in psychiatry at ellis he helped new orleans says stress can lead to physical problems for young kid is in get report showed more headaches and stomach aches younger children you can dj increase dan respiratory a issues sometimes related strasky says the brain is fully developed at a young age and it can be hindered by negative experiences on wall street before the hour the dow down five points nasdaq down three and oil futures up forty two cents at forty five dollars ninety one cents a barrel look at wwl sports with steve geller knicks nixon rockets are reportedly getting close to swing a deal that will saint carmelo anthony to houston and the pelicans could wind up getting involved to help facilitate the trade the rockets are said to be looking to move power forward ryan anderson blood jake madison verbal shots dot com he says don't expect day reunion in new orleans i don't think you mccurry wake with it anthony david the market because we believe wing ing guard play as opposed to a big contract is in a good fit either mr anger since still has three years sixty million dollars left on his current deal steve geller wwl sports today on sports talk with bobby hebert develop via the sec isn't consider summer has a certain here the kind of vibrancy you can feel and almost here and sam adams summer aol with renew colors with one great taste captures the colors the summer perfectly there's the yellow of the rising day the orange of a he reckoned afternoon.

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