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He was he was drawn in the singles group at him. And he says, what am I gonna play Barahmi fall? Again, you know, he's just going to keep doing all these tricks, and it's really really annoys me really rotates me when I'm trying to play proper match, you know, it's fine in the doubles. But I don't wanna play in singles when it's be competitive and all this, and I said to him John, do, you know, I'd love to say I'd love to see you play against Barahmi properly when Barack is doing all of his tricks, and you're not just playing along. You're just going to try and beat him. Because I think that his tricks could really annoy you might make it difficult. That wasn't a very good idea to say that to John McEnroe who who subsequently beat Barahmi sick. Six love six one. And an almost every time. He hit a winner. He was standing around insane. See this towards me. But I have absolutely no problem with mental Bromley plan on drums says, which is what he was saying. If you if you can do it and get away with it go for it. If you can't get away with it the point. The point is everything until Barahmi is an outlet. Win tennis matches Nancy is purely out there to to entertain. No. But when he played his career he was trying to win ten as much. But in a in a it was, you know, it was more fees times. Ten wasn't a it was unlike to win, but more importantly, I'd like to entertain people. But, but I would have no problem if mum fees, for instance, play that sort of rope. Adopt tight Tennessee did against Djokovic was winning and it was irritated his opponent into submission by hitting dropshot returns every single time and underarm serves every other surf I would have no issue whatsoever. Okay. Yeah. I'm just tennis. It's just another type of tennis and curious. The more the move widespread. It becomes the less obnoxious incidents of it will be. Oh, I'd have fun. I just didn't find it obnoxious fines. Anyway. Yeah. Yeah. You're slice and toy. So they I am. And I and my victory against Solihull. Simon was the first time, and he didn't mean to set you up for that for the first time that I've ever played where I accepted my slice and dice game. Beat him out. Right. Or did you just take set set? Right. So you're gonna let you say. When I beat Saudi hold. So i'm. That's misleading isn't it? Well, I already beat him love six one four retired. So all right. Well, this is my first proper set of one. Okay. And I accept my slice and dice game for what it is. I I'm not good enough to play the tennis that I have in my head which is how I've been playing for the last twenty five years, which is trying to play proper tennis and just not being good enough to play it. So rather than play that I've played what I can do. And actually, I I was away better play because I find accepted it and no longer will. I be trying to go for massive for hands and big backhands. Just imagining a scenario where I it's. Four all I'm not locked in battle at four all with my brother. I mean, this is a fantasy because that's never gonna happen. And it's been, you know, real rollicking good match win a winner winner. Great. And then he underarm serves and being I'm standing two meters behind the baseline receivers warping big six at six. And then he underarm says me, and he wins the point. And that's great and good luck to him. But I would forever. More like him a tiny bit less from home woods. Well, at least you're on. Dot net. That's never happened, by the way. I still like my brother, but you cannot fully though. Yeah..

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