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Mark I want to get a gold star to Chris really nice tonight thirteen Chevrolet for. Four George Doherty racing Sixteen for, front row motorsports turning a little bit better. At the center Chris Really. Nice Doing very. Well tonight Thank you, very much Steve Richards another car that we have not mentioned tonight because he's not been in the, mix has been Brad kiss, Laskey, and right now Brad it's the last car on the lead lap in eighteenth position. Real non-performance for Brad I've been following. That radio communication tonight he's just not handling well complained. About his race car it's just not going the way he feels he wanted to hold on to the next stage, to the next state and it's not getting progressively. Faster, for brass lousy currently the last car on the lead lap had a chance to. Talk, to crew chief Paul Wolfe this afternoon in just, shows you how again you've. Used, the word tonight Wendy a couple of times unpredictable and Paul thought they were better. Than the, twenty, two, he. Said. Yeah yeah there okay I think we're a little bit better avocado in the second. Spot and they're down they're scrambling last part on the. Lead lap at AT and I feel like nobody's. Really, dominated this race Doug it's been a mix of leaders up front and the people we thought may have dominated haven't really done that much yet right now about as big elitist We have had all night belongs to chase Elliott in that Kelley. Blue book Chevrolet putting on a really. Nice run here tonight it should be pointed out short-track. Arrow means little to nothing here at Bristol Motor Speedway so the advantage that maybe the fortune the Toyotas have had, at other places don't really apply here I would. Definitely, agree with with what we were talking about and looking at the damage at these. Race, cars these fast cars that are out there you, look Bush and the lap. Times, he's putting on being able to come back from three laps down I mean it. Really doesn't, make, a, difference. Here. With aero-dynamics Bristol at this point we've had six different leaders Ryan plenty is led. The most Labsi's well over one hundred and twenty laps. Then you have joy Ghana with ninety five chase. Elliott, sixty six and counting Kyle Larson sixty and Kevin Harvick eight Eric Merola too so it's been spread out a little bit. There hasn't been a total domination You know upfront. And as when he was talking about you know it's been a nice mix up there and still don't know where. The spinning wheels gonna stop here at the end of the night to when, these racist for several years now eight usually gets. Tight when you get about. Buck fifty left to go you haven't one hundred and fifty. Laps left to go and thanks get really interesting here and Wendy said it a couple of times. Unpredictability is a big thing when it comes to Bristol Motor Speedway let's go ahead and take you through the, field mouse where on lap three ten chase Elliott lead by two seconds that's big elite as we've seen tonight over Joel Gano Kurt Busch is. Third Eric, Merola fourth fifth belongs to Clint Boyer Ryan Blaney is. Six Eric seventh, Kyle Larson eight Jimmy Johnson. Nine thousand Martin tricks junior ten is the eleventh is Alex Bowman Chris Buscher, twelfth thirteenth Austin Dillon, Trevor Bayne is fourteenth Kyle, Busch up to fifteenth sixteenth is. Denny Hamlin Ryan Newman is seventeenth, eighteenth is Brad. Keselowski last car on the lead lap followed. By Kevin Harvick and nineteenth minus One PC Kane in twentieth David Ragan twenty-first twenty-second Ricky Stenhouse Daniel Suarez nineteenth twenty-fourth William Byron twenty-fifth hi Dylan MAC the Benedetto. Twenty, six in castle twenty-seventh. JJ twenty eight twenty nine, Ross Chastain and Blake. Jones is thirty in thirty I is TIMMY hill Reed Sorenson thirty second. Jamie McMurray sixty. Three laps down with the problem they fix. Back out and thirty third thirty fourth this or joy off the..

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