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It's sickening it's gut wrenching. it's heart wrenching. And it's a scary time for america and this isn't this isn't fearmongering you. Sam fearmongering right. Now let's have that conversation because the fact of the matter is you've got a country now. That is armed with weapons. That has proven. They're not afraid to act being. You gotta country being ruled by the same people who killed thousands of innocent people. Americans september eleven two thousand and one shame on the biden presidency for what happened here. Shame on us for allowing it to go on ten nineteen the time. Let's let's go ahead and grab a break. Connor martin is in the studio. He's gonna jump on with me next. Unc bears quarterback connor. Martin former strasbourg indian. I dunno did they have to change. They should agreement. The needs are still the indians out. There in strasbourg will talk with martin when we come back on the other side. It's no code present about the jeanine agencies right here. Northern colorado's voice one of the three point one thirteen ten. Kfi programmatic into the cushion specialist studios. I'm tanner schwinn. Thanks for being with us here on. Noko now.

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