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Violating a non disclosure agreement by writing a tell all book about the former first lady. Lawsuit, filed in October, had asked the court to set aside in a government trust profits from that book. I'm Rich Dennison, and this is Fox News. Use radio K L B. J I'm John Cooley in topic. Austin's news. Just under 402,000 doses of the covert vaccine will be shipped out by the state this week and for another week. Also, public health is getting 12,000 of them. Travis County Health Authority, Dr Marcus got says that's not enough to make a significant dent in the population of more than a million, or hope is that at some stage we can transition to, you know, like we do for testing and the centers you register, you get a spot and you in your book. It also council member Greg Ours, proposing that a special election beheld this spring, the Let voters decide whether a director of police oversight should be independently appointed in North Austin and Cedar Park area. Commuters may have a very different drive time later this year as the central Texas Reform ability Authority staffed a builder from 1 83 North Mobility Project. Great Hills Contractors is now beginning contract negotiations the add on to express lanes and a general purpose lane each way between mo back and 45 cabbage. A radar weather watch low 55 61 get Austin Was on demand that news radio K O b J calm Monday morning feels so bad. Everybody seems to be Oh, coming Tuesday..

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