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Evening in order to turn off the escalation vladimir putin the president of russia called were told by ronen bergman in the new york times a distinguished corresponded in an author the of phone call from moscow from putin to netanyahu and in an an unhappy language sought to turn off the escalation it was turned off it's now several days passed but that wall it was a perfect example of a chapter one in a thriller we don't want to live i come to you professor because it's no longer potential it's upon us the new cold war has a flashpoint in which guns are drawn us guns israeli guns russian gun syrian guns iranian guns and several of these power players are nuclear armed good evening to you profess it's a vitally important story you just recorded john uh i don't take will much discussion tonight because we need more clarity but in the realm or category of lack of clarity there are reports out of moscow just reports i can't confirm that among the people who died in this episode were one hundred russians and two hundred more four wounded now the other report you ragged said that they were russian paid yes the report that i got out of moscow is implies that they also were not regular army they were mercenaries they were contract fighters but that they were russians so what we need to find out in addition to the details of what you reported is weather they were actually russians which and the degree to which the united states participated in this operation because the headline out of moscow eeas united states kills russian soldiers in syria schaal if that's true so far as we know the first blood of the new cold war we'll have been drawn and know what it is no one can say where it would lead which leads me in a perverse way to hope that you don't mind if tonight we go back in time back into history history matters i thank uh to a question that came to my mind just a few days ago you and i have been talking about a new cold war for five years as of april architect uh it's now been confirmed by a four katie sources we talked about the council on foreign relations.

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