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All. The podcast feeds all over espionage. While we're there we're going to have a great time and hopefully bringing some fun stuff make you feel like you're there as well. The Dallas cowboys will not be there air. And you know what the San Francisco Forty niners. They might win all right. They might win the Super Bowl win their sixth Lombardi but they won't win the term boys that belongs to the Dallas Cowboys. Oh boy all right. That's right the boy's name belongs to the cowboys and you know what they can't take it from us. It's like You know how to say. They can't take this todd away from us no matter what we do. You can't chanted hot boys because it's trademarked but anyway Wednesday was an interesting day as the off season. Rolls on this senior bowl. You so you know it's Pro Bowl we've you too. I suppose Jalen Smith you know doing the pro bowl rounds. I tweeted out a video. He was hanging out with Philadelphia Eagles. Center Jason Kelsey and kind of posted a video. where he he said? I'm sick of playing against this guy. Stop trying to block. It was really fine. We've talked about this before here to Jalen takes a lot of heat on on social media but I thought that was a cool video really. Did I thought that was fun. And that's that's what the pro bowl is you get a chance to see these guys who obviously play on different teams. Get to come together and interact so that was kind of cool but Wednesday at the senior bowl so we saw Tuesday. Stephen Jones spoke and Steven Jones had the comment. That everybody Kinda I jumped onto. Where Dak Prescott is the team's top off season priority and Amari Cooper is number two on that list? Well Wednesday was will mcclay. mclane turn to hit the media tour in Dallas Cowboys Vice President. Oh yeah that's right. He's got a huge title. He's The Dallas how is vice president of player personnel. And if you don't know what that means is not the most important thing in the world what it basically means. If you're a new around here welcome you know because I did it. I'm still kind of new in the world of soccer for example you know what nobody even told me that when you become a soccer fan the life is pain all right. Life is just full of pain when you're Manchester the united supporter like I am wins. Day was a terrible day for my reds however it was a great day for Las Blanco's Real Madrid got their big dub sordid. Oh did you vent this. So not all is terrible but You Know Manchester United. Let's get it together. Man You on the tables just there. It was just anywhere and anyway I got distracted back but so if you're new around here will mcclay is the guy. He's he's the draft guy. He's the guy if you just want sort of simple terms. He's the guy that heads the Dallas cowboys draft process the gadget shops for the groceries. If you will. And that's not a pun. We'll mcclay is the guy kind of puts together the package that the cowboys ultimately utilize when it comes to the draft. He's been doing this since two thousand fourteen every other year you know he does such a great job that somebody wants to interview him to be their general manager. Jerry Jones you know kind of You know glosses up. The glass on his door gives them a new title a pay raise whatever and keeps him in town. He is essentially the couch. General Manager Without Having that actual title now we'll mcclay spoke for about eleven minutes and we live in such fantastic times here in the year. Two Thousand Twenty. Where all these twits of interviews are available in the Mothership Dallas cowboys dot com to such a great job putting all this content out for the whole world to see so head on over to the Dallas Cowboys Youtube Channel? Or you can check out. I'm pretty sure it's probably on the Dallas cowboys APP. The video of mcclay talking that the senior bowl and there are three things he said and kind of address that I think are important. I also wrote about this. This went out late Wednesday night. The first thing is obvious but it needs to be said. The first thing is that a new coaching regime is not going to really change. The process process of the Dallas Cowboys. Obviously will mcclay worked really hand in hand with Jason Go and his staff for a long time. And when when you do that you know you know how it is. I don't know how long you've worked at your your job or how long you've been in your school or how long you've known your circle of friends you get to know people you'll know their tendencies their lives and their dislikes etc.. And we'll mcclay Ryan Jason Garrett those two nucleus went back a long way and so. It's different for McLean I right. I mean he's been shopping to stick with the analogy here for the groceries for the same chef for for a long time. And you know. I watched the show chef on Netflix. And the movie so I know what goes into being chef and sometimes you know some shafts. They like certain ingredients gradients but sometimes other chassis no salon. Show on its launcher. Give me some Reagan. Oh give me some. I don't know what else is green. Give me some chopped up celery. This analogy went really far In a place that I wasn't mentally prepared for I guess it's been a busy week And by the way you.

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Dallas Cowboys, Cowboys, Jalen Smith discussed on Blogging the Boys

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