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All right all right everyone you've got robin lin keeping the vibes live we are here with a king charlie prints fool album review of i'm still standing i'm just gonna go ahead and kick off some music and i'll be back charlie preseason the hell don't give up because ladies we never call but anyway the latest take that we could take it monday even we just me wear anything yet well if the letter right there i never alone rufus still trusted enough to it's the charlie the body what's your body gets what's up hitching his kitchen yeah put your hands up place behind your pack step out charlie up in the bronx yes yes yes bronx webster app okay all right from the former croup rock master scott and the dynamic three and i should say former and present you guys have reunited correct absolutely yeah okay that's hard right here that's hot so you've done your since request line you've done only of your own absolutely that's your own studio i see i yes actually entertainment how how was i see enter again is see inter team int formed i see the team was formed when i looked at the mirror so myself and i seen entertainment okay so i see i get it i get it.

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