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House on the sobriety fox news of a planned on the police reform bill now named in honor of George Floyd his death during an arrest in Minneapolis a month ago his fuel protests around the world the house is honoring his life and the lives of all killed by police brutality and pledging never again house speaker Nancy Pelosi says the bill will address the systemic racism and bring accountability to police departments Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell criticizing Democrats for blocking a Republican version led by senator Tim Scott he's been studying and working on and living this issue since long long before the democratic leader came rushing to the microphones on the subject a few weeks ago he says Democrats walked away from Scott's offer for an open amendment process putting politics ahead of an attempted bipartisan reform the health and Human Services secretary because the current surgeon coronavirus cases eight localized situation noting that only three percent of U. S. counties are in hot spots that we also says he's not trying to minimize what's happening a day after a record number of new cases in the U. S. by some counts the surge threatening the re opening under way in some states as new claims for unemployment benefits stay over a million people continue to lose their jobs and another one point four eight million people were filing for unemployment benefits last week there have now been forty seven million people filing for benefits over twelve weeks the number of people continuing to receive benefits is nineteen and a half million assigned some people are returning to work some companies are hiring after states reopened others are still cutting jobs oxygenic sola economy shrinking by five percent in the first three months of the year but there are signs of a fledgling business recovery with a better report on durable goods orders for may and expected America is listening to fox news this report is sponsored by unbound dot org continues with one oh six one FM talk North Carolina will remain under phase two restrictions until at least mid July Richard Stalin reports governor Roy Cooper said yesterday covered nineteen trends in hospitalizations are too concerning at this point to move into the next phase gyms and bars must remain closed phase two is now extended through July seventeenth a statewide mandate to wear face masks in public goes into affect Friday afternoon more than fifty six thousand cover nineteen cases have been confirmed in North Carolina I'm Richard styling the wave of new covert nineteen cases has prompted renewed concerns about the state's health care system being overwhelmed on Wednesday there were seventeen hundred twenty one additional cases reported nine hundred six patients hospitalized three Wilmington police officers fired after they were captured on video calling for a race war the comments discovered during a monthly video on it one of those officers Kevin Piner was recorded in an in car camera saying we're just going to go out and start slaughtering them Wilmington police chief Donnie Williams this is the most exceptional and difficult case I have encountered in my career we must establish newer fans for policing here at home as well as country the DA's office now working to determine if criminal conduct or bias was involved in previous cases wake county authorities have made two arrests in connection to the shooting death this week of the sixteen year old girl she was gunned down at the Greenspring valley mobile home park south of Raleigh Asheville police investigating two shootings that happened this week at Walton street park one person died two others injured Tuesday night another person was shot multiple times in a separate shooting at the park just twenty four hours earlier hi points baseball stadium is now called truest point the name change comes after B. B. anti bank merged with SunTrust form truest new signage will roll out in coming weeks I'm Kyle Wilson although front south of the triangle and that's where most of the big rains are down towards Fay Advil in the state line I think they stay mainly south of us today were in the low eighties isolated storms possible tonight mid sixties I'm Scott Laurie more the weather channel one oh six one FM.

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