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How hell plane probably gave he's probably going to go. They know it. So why would you risk it a simple so you trying to get. Maybe a good pick back. Rutta do what would give for for for apply hasn't really don much and it had a big buddy sfu ford replacing light second. That's fair. That's that's fair. Light seconds pay like maybe something back. Even if it was a hard second maybe something back in return but definitely not i was second. They'd have to be something return light second united on thirty thirty to forty five range. I think do it again. That's that's probably a bit high. I mean yeah yeah pro- probably more than what probably offer. You've got to want him. You gotta you gotta give something for him. Yeah oh god i i. They actually think he fits in the g._w. Structure anymore i think they've had plies come on and they go on beautiful get four and when he's on he complied let's be. Let's be honest bet that he's not. He's not shabby came plying absolutely but i think the why the j. w. s. play and if i if i looking looking at the n._f._l. Structures of teams as tape speed speed speed those three other a much faster around the forward fifty and much more mobile than patent so i will definitely be going on what about is might might genelius yeah <hes> coca cola neely countless one. Oh he's gonna get hopeful hopefull- do- tell me more washed. I think if you wanna look at club who's on the roy's. Did you imagine camelia crips walsh. The middle rise. There on the role is applied. Beach front of big crowds every week. I'll take out. Are you saying that and you know what they're gonna. They're gonna be freeing up a bit of money to remember dicey. Thomas is finishing up yep and it was on a decent wicked <hes> <hes> he's a thing what would it be mealy record y- camelia nah no-one hunch non-han insurance so who would you rather have can you override hill at the same dollar limit on take it every day the white camelia official milliard when he doesn't just play good guy. He's always in the best ever want to put money kids. If you listening here as as mick molloy type put your house on it if you ever want to go and put a ban on at the start of the brownlow votes for club fully feet. It'd be camelia yeah so he's a gun. He's going hill getting killed if no one hundred might take the money and run 'cause. There's nothing there's nothing funny than saying. Thank organic flying's because that's what i do. I just i just take the ticket on. I have no money left over for anybody else. Petty rawda gown back to is being <music> at talented little bit he i'd. I'd say how he came. After white left well that is the awkwardness of it but i mean you ruin the life life. You put my family in jeopardy mckee unbeknownst. Yeah i'll come back. I'm the problem the president and vice effective who's the rock reserves seekonk go smith clock every day picked up at the young bloke aged fair enough <hes> what the move back to back to melbourne yell surprise is because why would you wanna play on the heavily. Only ones wants to come back to melbourne room at the moment air ensure that was brought up. Yes it was big our to say your sources tomato barbecue h._p. Because i all taste good but this one bouncing back to back to melbourne at the moment how i'm feeling no loss i lost just because you wanting to cite you want some good football our good football football and he's not going to fly out at a moment gonna play any even the little league dominant come. On what else do we got a couple others sort of floating around mason moods bane being thrown on the tray table not surprised by that. He's been playing a little bit of football so i don't know why you want want to read anything but i like this on a little bit wealthy family situation. Would you like to hear this from an inside sauce shore lunch. <hes> ceremony comes to <hes> <hes> anthony mcdonald's woody what we need to do before we start is well well that song gallon yeah yeah yeah mcdonalds would he will vote or anything to mcdonald's super moody's playing he is. He's playing in the background when it comes to anthony woody river little thirties that he's still on vice contract yup three still on a vice contract gets the regular match payments from the club a promoting lift what he's on everything and he feels that he's not being on intially looked off the ball club because there is such a wicked but you face everyday and he's not happy with that and until they bring out a number that agrees to you might saw it quickly. What would you pay him fifty. That's exactly what i was thinking. It's not he's not topnotch from a marketing perspective. You've got something i love. I love what's new blame us to meet. He's got a repeatable for dole's but he's not talk to you have interesting to say who the who what essence topped he is getting because you've got to spend your salary recap as as i love to see where that money is going now already. We'll tell you if somebody else in won't be going is good old data. Eh reagan email began up to see. I wouldn't be surprised if he wants a fresh start as well to be surprised rodeo else anyone. That's another of now uh we'll come back to it next week. Like i said sellers watch this week. David hi all joins the crew chief <hes>. He keeps his job after after one week. Writing coaching situation hasn't been filled yet. Don't know what's going on a feeling whether he's going to stay go that was steve to lose on the weekend and so they're doing something right on the button. Who's diagnose whether he's going to be the main. There's no words we business. I think coming you let <hes> rodeo <hes> <hes> so justin level-pegged it boy. You just had a fantastic mastic. <hes> tip loss tipping ross wiki seven six. You've got five got full. He's getting is giving up down to justify or h on one twenty-three yup so the final rattle off. It's gotta be api. They wanna not there's not blood flow into the organs right now listeners. Nothing's gonna get you more excited than the survey both on track for our one thirty which is exactly what i wanted to get all so yeah. Audience questions from the audience wake up. Call your fingers at listeners and brought something goodness gracious. We put this on every week so you can ask our stuff and you haven't so you know what i'm getting a little bit frustrated with you. Love ya but give us something crunchy roy d._r. Let's do what we normally do the games names for these wake. This is something that a lot of the games because this is the week where the n._f._l. Guy we're putting good ones on early and we throw on everybody else another a graveyard slot if your shit roy. Let's go through this round twenty-three. I fell football johnnie wallace night. Seven fifty pm at the m._c._g. And i say everybody everybody loves the g. Calling diverses isn't and who wins and why culling would and the y. is because it is finals time. I ask shopping up. I think that is true. True and i just wanna see bloomberg radio moving on the set five games on saturday. Only one forty five pm at the sydney. Swans versus the saints some saint kilda. I'm gonna go to you thank you. I'm going swans just because at the end of the year and buddy plays for three hundred thousand <unk> body plies swans if body doesn't play swans to retain dam in tasmania at blanche staring arena you going to be needing your thermals on people not on melbourne verses the melbourne demons in melbourne north melbourne not of display not a madman for god's gonna win by dana gore's it was easy going to short of a nine dollar deal. Okay we'll do it. We'll do it okay for thirty five g._m. Hedge b._i. Stadium geelong cats verses got the blues and cats are not going to get a home final so bold us. Let's go cat says do it gets but there'll be a belter of a game. Okay the one everybody been waiting for. It is at seven twenty five at metacritic stadium goldco sans versus g._w. S giant w s i about shitloads okay. We got this this one good game. I think good game six p._m. At opener stadium a._w._s. Which means a strategy western standard time. Look that one up the west coast of the eagles versus the hooks. I say the eagles by about six goal dagoes okeydokey.

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