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There's out of the camera view You know And and You know congress point you know there there. There is one scene of you know I must say. I look at the scene a little differently. I i look at it as you know a rites of spring Play college williams says no in the scene. He does he does not give consent. true And and i know that's a big topic today of Of you know that consent and what that means and and who needs to give it an and You know and and it is a topic of conversation currently due to a a a new streaming Show called The brigitta bridgeton Where There is a very Scene of of where you you could make a justification of female rape Because it's primarily because she doesn't give the guy consent to Not ejaculate so that's that's the point of that particular scene he's forced to And that's that's a different different staff But i mean. I guess it's not too different than than what happens to to william hill just kind of forced into going along with With the The of the girls in what they wanna do to him. So maybe there should be a a little bit more of a of a content warning At the top end of the show for You know the scenes and you know what's difficult for me is. Is you know living through those times. And knowing what. I know and seen what i saw You know most of this was some form of consent if you will But not explicit so You know if you look at it from a historical drama You know it's it's not out of the realms of possibility of that everybody's like oh whatever go along with it including the the The card game But you know we look at it from the perspective. Twenty twenty and It it doesn't age very well so about that can With the yeah. The scene does kind of transfer a little bit. But right before we get to that the only thing last thing i would like to point out is just you know williams Williams view of what's going on and he's he's he's he's upset sm- well for for the first few seconds of this minute. He's smiling and then kind of laughing. That seems like a little bit but it really turns quick as soon as that name gets mentioned penny. Yeah you know. As soon as she is offered up is smile turns upside down to a frown And you know then there's the only other aspect here at the beginning of the minute is that you know it. It's still all just this big put on really to me. You know it's it's i. I've i've realized this event you know mostly during the recording but definitely in the lead up to watching a minute a few times over and over again that you know it's it's it's russell. I mean they're all doing this to to to get this to happen..

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