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Hello it is Friday July twenty fourth I'm sitting here currently in the studio recording because we were going to do an MLB watch long for opening night last night, the game obviously ended early because of torrential downpour, but we got some great conversations with Sean Casey's coming on among other people and sitting on a TV screen right across the room for me. Mr. Aj Hawke Aj you never get a chance to be a part of this part of the podcast. People are listening here very beginning show. Do you want to say anything to anybody that has listened to the podcast in heard our bantering for the last couple of months? Now! I don't think I have a whole lot for you. Pat Right now. All right, let's get to the show. Thank you. I am pumped for this joining us now. Super Bowl champion football legend Rex Ryan. Hey. How are you, rex? Great Pacman. How do you do it I'm fantastic I can't wait to chat with you. Let's dive right into it. I see Texas Ranger Jersey on you. Pump for the comeback, yeah absolutely must boy Lance Lynn takes the up opening day for the Rangers. Six foot six to eighty should be played detective. For the Rangers last year Sixteen Wednesay had two hundred and fifty strikeouts. Go get a big boy. The rest of the League is GonNa Pitch like three or four weeks ago. Aid is first time. How do you know this dirt? Have you met this guy? Play Golf with them all the time. A real good buddies with his dad and I've met land several times. He's a great young man and and You know it's funny because last year I mean he literally. got into all this spin. Be Etched up that they do now, but it worked man he. He released the ball about a foot. Further MISA was one of the best pitchers in baseball, so he's thirty two years old. Kinda reinvented himself and. He's the ace that staff right now. Hey Rocks! Everybody thinks you're just some meathead. Dumb football guy, listen to this. Yeah, PAT, hold up! Let me just show you some real. Quick, please..

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