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On the page. Are you working out pain. While you're to visit therapeutic azure. Oh heck yeah definitely you know. There were a lot of times when i would weep on during singing the lyric which i don't do normally because if i'm in the studio this other people around and i might be very emotional but there's a line that you get up to where like it's just i don't know how to say but might get a little weird like sobbing in a studio full of people so so maybe there's a way to like sing it and feel all of that with i just up started crying many times on this album. And that's really wanna hear on the album because it's it sounds beautiful but it's like is that harry weeping on the it'd be cool but like the third time bay. Do we get emotional. So i would read sing it with the same intentions but maybe not with the crying but yeah no. I felt like. I worked out a lot of pain to through this through this. It's like it takes over where we're words. Stop articulate so much with words you know. Music has a romanticism about it in a in a An abstract about it that that is articulated so it it helped me A lot will you tell. Tell us about the mandolin. You showed that you played for a benevolent. I think that right. You told a purse portion that story on instagram. But i was wondering if there was more to and i love to hear about that. Yes so we. We had this mandolin and our house that my mom had bought my dad back in the fifties when they lived in north africa and it was just kind of this. Wasn't i mean it's a nice instrument. Isn't that some you know hundred thousand dollar mandolin. Which is something they probably store in. We've all always had it in a. It was kind of wrapped in bubble. Wrap my house. And i took it out. 'cause i was sharing a mandolin on that song. Benevolent man and i took it to lutheran had a repaired and Decided i was going to play and play the song for my dad. Said you know what that is go. Yes amanda mandolin. I said but you know which mandolin man. That's the one you get. Mom gave you back in the fifties. He's at home. My gosh so. I took pictures of in senate to him when i was reporting in. Just just cool to. Have you know the some family history. You know our instruments like children where it's hard to pick a favorite or. Do you have a favorite instrument in your life and your house. That's like have some really cool ones. Like i have I have some really cool instruments but my favorite is will have to one is the piano. My mother gave me when i was thirteen. She gave me a a seven foot yamaha. Grand piano which i love in it has incredible nostalgia value jimmy and then jill always wanted to stein way nine foot concert grand piano. And for my thirtieth birthday. Jill surprise me one which to this day. I still can't believe she did in. Yeah that that would be like just. That was that's unbelievable. That's like the greatest kids from our give. Someone like me. Yeah earlier when you said do we make kids take piano lessons. I think that answer is just yes. I think everybody should have to do piano lessons for a living so even if they hate it i dunno this this this stuff you can learn from it for sure yes and once you know how to read music. You can play any instrument if you have the internet. The digi where to put. I agree i agree. It's it's not that hard. I mean learning how to learn a few basic things on the piano. And i think it'll take you love farther than you think it can win. Do you think you get to start touring again you know. Whenever it's time you know. I i'm willing to be patient. You know this again. We're not through it. And when when when when i get the sign that is safe and time for me to go. The thing i worry about is what you referred to earlier. The all of these folks who work on his. I mean the the touring the road. The people set up the stages of people bus drivers that that. That's the most heartbreaking thing. I just want to see them get back to work so when it's time for us to go we'll be ready. I think we're we're looking at the end of it now. Hopefully and and you know we will have learned a lot and you know we can get back to some normalcy. What's what's the hope going forward when you're thinking about where the world's going next and just i just want us to We're in a weird time right now even before the pandemic. We're just just a weird time. You know i am all. I can do worry about how you know. I treat people and how how you know what what my little team can do. And i just hope we get to a point where we can. We can all really hear each other and celebrate our a commonality while also celebrating our incredible differences which makes us so unique as a culture. You know it's it's an amazing opportunity. We have as as americans. And i just wanna i just. I just hope we get to a point where we can. We can all love each other even more. I heard you on my friend. Paula fair says five. And you were talking about how much you've been cooking and barbecue and over the last year. Yeah people together you got. That's exactly right. it's amazing. How quickly disappear like over a brisket. That's right tell me a y'all cook.

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