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Very well said but they can be no question a nation cannot bind together without powerful central government but we must also accommodate the needs of constituent states both north and south we are i think on the record john that we record this show and undisclosed subterranean location that's right in the somewhere in the cascade mountains everyone knows although our listeners have found the volt they know where the location is well or i mean we we have no idea about our own future right so there may come a time before the apocalypse or during the apocalypse that we either disseminate these recordings like with a t shirt cannon except shooting out little metallic spores or we bury them all around the world we don't know where we could drop flash drives from an array of satellites that's right and everyone knows that flash drives are the stabilised platform for recording digital material that's exactly what everyone in the indefinite future is going to be using yeah they're like oh this flash drive is forty two hundred years old just like today it's your to find like a sumerian tori shared you'd be like yeah let me just plug us into the shard port on a lot of talk so i can can read this but despite the fact that we are right now at undisclosed location in the cascades you and i both live in king county washington that's right king county named four do you know this.

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