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He is turning on Gerry McNamara eight six six ninety right I you know for example the more is talking about some of the discussions that we can have because of this that are outside of the immediacy of what you know the the the president targeting soul Mani is where we go in the future with the Middle East the whole oil thing has changed everything the fact that the the the Middle East is not as necessary as in the past for specific countries like Iran are not as important in the past is Fuge for the options that the United States will have you know for the future when you look at a place like the Middle East it's not the United States but it's Europe in China they get a lot of their oil there and so you get down to the point of and we're gonna have to we are going to have to confront this eventually is it worth the cost if the strategic importance is not as great not that you abandon for example our navy over there what does the future hold because for the most part where we truly get involved in the reason we've been involved in the Middle East just because it is in our best interest if it isn't an interest any more and it's probably where we're heading we are going to have to re evaluate what we do in you know in in the Middle East whether we have to intervene as we believe we have had to do in the past or whether that changes which I believe it will you know because you've got more allies against Iran you also have what we've talked about before because the the Middle East does not own energy cannot dominate in energy alone anymore in order for these countries to survive there you have to die versifi their economies if you die versifi your economy if you're going to diversify your economy and have a middle class in many of these countries that have had you know Iran is had a middle class energy has been a huge reason that they've been able to have a middle class when that goes away that's when you have revolutions from the inside so this is a this is a a lot of it is a theoretical discussion that we could have for hours upon hours upon hours upon hours and you might have four five opinions on what you think should be done and all might end up being right but that's the bigger discussion to have which we will be having in this country because of the money that we shall out you know for defense and other countries don't and one thing the trump has done he is brought that to the attention of the world so just wanted to throw that in as part of the the the the bigger discussion that we're going to have to we're going to have to deal with all.

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