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Into this thing? Let's jump in. I want to hear more from Dan. The man, Harvey, one. Dan Harvey, welcome to the bigger pockets podcast. How are you today? I'm doing great. Thanks for having me, guys. Yeah, so apparently you bet both Jay and I at a Dave van horn event in Philadelphia. And we didn't remember, of course, because that happens all the time. So thank you very much for your kidding me. I remembered my dad and I are best friends. So you ended up a bad memory, David. I'm the only jerk on this podcast right now. That's probably true. But I do remember now Dan, you jog my memory and I remember putting a water bottle down in between our chairs and I'm pretty sure you were sitting either right next to me or like one person over because I'm remembering now you have a very strong jaw line that really sticks out, so that look at that. Thank you. I think that. So Dan, you are doing some pretty incredible and creative stuff in Philadelphia that I love because it really encapsulates that spirit of if you can't find a deal, you gotta make a deal. You're not saying oh, it's too hot in the markets too hot. You're sort of in my mind, one of the frontrunners that's out there taking a new level of creativity and ambition into real estate investing. And I'm really excited to talk to you today to get some insight into what you're doing. Not just other people can do what you are doing. But what I really hope is that we sort of unlock the key of creativity so that we all start looking at deals in a similar way that you do. Great. So why don't you start off by telling us what type of investing you have traditionally been doing? What problems you encountered and why you've switched into this new model? Sure. As a bit of a background, prior to real estate investing, I worked for a company called Seth. That's the regional transportation authority that is around Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. So I.

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