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News, 93.1 Kfbk Morning, Mary Trumps tell all Book on President Trump has been temporarily blocked in court. Judges granted a restraining order temporarily to halt production to Robert Trump. That's the president's younger brother, Wei were frankly expecting this would happen, and it has happened. Minor league baseball has officially now been canceled This year. There will be no minor league baseball at any level Triple A all the way down to the rookie league. So it's It's over, and I know for Sacramento River Cats fans. That's a real bummer because it's a wonderful ball park to watch a game. Oh, there's nothing better on a summer night. Well, it's a great ballpark at anyway. We're going to hear now from the general manager of the Sacramento River Cats. The guy's name is Chip Maxim. He says right now that minor league teams are using what are known as taxi squads. This is a whole different version of what they usually do. This is prioritized players to keep them in shape and practice, so the taxi squad is similar to Triple A baseball team. The next group of Guys who we called up would be part of a taxi squad. Essentially taxi squad is similar to a triple A baseball team words. It's the next group of guys who would be called up and then the binary club very well put from the top prospect playing and making sure they continue their development this season. So right now, just from a player's standpoint, Kristina, these are the guys. They're working out together in the taxi squad, the much smaller group, but they keep them in shape in case they get called up. And the Big League clubs will be using these squads. If they are not already all the big clubs will have the taxi squad to keep guys healthy and active and ready to jump in and play big league level should they be needed. So historically, that would be the player is the big League clubs really want to protect? These are the guys who would be in the taxi squad. These are these are the top tier guys in Triple A who may actually get called up, right? And and they're the ones that are there. There there of most interest to the major league teams. The taxi squad if the guy's most likely to get called up, and so historically, that would be the players the big club wants to protect. They want to keep him active and typically lot of your of your triple A guys. So the Giants are going to be watching the Sacramento circuits. Taxi's quite pretty closely, so it'll be a combination of the guys that are ready to go up tomorrow. Price. Um Big League veterans that have been signed it free agents. On. There will be a combination of some of the top prospects that giant want to make sure they get meaningful wraps. So that's chip Max in the general manager of the Sacramento River Cats just talking a little bit about what's going on in the field. In terms of what the team is doing. I mean, they're trying to find creative ways to use the ballpark itself. So you know that they have. No, they have no fans that came in. All year. It's a major hit financially. It's an incredible hit, and the league just doesn't have the money like Major league to be able to make modifications even get anything going. They don't have the TV revenue number one, which is a big, big chunk of revenue, Obviously, all right, let's get outside and check traffic..

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