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Raleigh News Radio 700. W well del radar is good 59 degrees. Cold rain, Township Police chief Mark Danny says there's no reason for neighbors to be worried, thinking that it's activated. They feel this is contained and they don't feel there's any danger to the area Last night shooting on Royal Heights Drive off Galbreath Road in Gross back killed 29 year old Brandon Kelly of College Hill. Our officers were gunshots, he was on patrol was able to respond within about a minute of the shooting. From the victim. Later, Street chief Danny says his officer tried to save the victim's life with CPR, but he died on the scene right now. We're not sure. Matt Reese News radio 700 WLW Netflix has been indicted over the controversial film cuties. Netflix is being charged with promoting lewd material involving Children. Thiss over the award winning French film Cuties, which debuted on the streaming service. Last month. A grand jury in Tyler County, Texas, returned the indictment, which says the film depicts the private areas of minors in a way that has no serious artistic value. Critics have said the film encourages the sexual ization of Children. The filmmakers have long said it's actually a commentary on the dangers Children face and Netflix reiterated that Tuesday while saying the charges without merit and it stands by the film Jason Nathan's and ABC News, Hollywood. I'm Rob Carpenter. You're next update at 11 o'clock breaking news any time news radio 700 wlw. Progress. Is a game of inches. And at Luray Caverns and Inch can take 120 years. Come see what for? Million. Centuries worth.

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