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Up to buy a car or buy online star Trek Star Trek mugs. You jobs and so my entire I want to say it was probably a good like two or three year stint of me mowing lawns and washing windows Owen cars. I would do anything dude. I was like a drug habit any I know like I need to get the Star Trek Book. Somehow and Yemen even in my freshman year of High School in Virginia. Which is where I started high school. I would legit bring a star Trek Book to school. I'm that Guy Dude so for me. I was like man. Listen like not beaten into submission but especially in Virginia like for high school. I was like exhausted. I think is the word I was just like. I'm tired I'm tired of keeping up with you people. I'm tired of caring. I'm tired of all this stuff. I'm going to what I liked about. The high school I went to in Virginia was at during lunch. You could pretty much go wherever you want it on campus. You didn't weren't stuck to the lunchroom. You can go outside so I would go outside to buy a tree legit. Eat My lunch retard. Heaven to me that's awesome. It was heaven and that was the better part of my freshman year was like nearly every lung. You're sneaking stuff into your house like under your coat and your mom's I think he's doing drugs like no no green star trek books. They think the book is hollowed out has a crack pipe in it. No it's a legit book. Might leave me alone. People in Van trying to get star Trek books exactly scratching my neck. You've got any of those star Trek mugs. That's awesome. I got three of these. I've already rented. Have you heard some of the about some of the things that were inspired? Inventions our inspired by Star Trek. Don't even get me started real life technology so I was something original series. Their communicators weren't on the badges. And it was like a hand held device that you would flip open up to activate to them talk on fast forward cell phones. Modern cell phones flip phones. Yep that's how they worked and the notion of. I used this to communicate with pretty much. Anyone whenever I want on my person I can get a hold of them around. Want Motorola even had a device a model car they didn't have rights to the Star Trek. They called it the STARTAC. Yes smart move and it was like had that was an hill. Yup Yup and take it a step further. I mean you don't you couldn't were you. Don't wear them on your chest but the watches now these these apple smart watches are so small and they do take phone calls so you could technically tap your watch and start talking to someone with the thing. That's so small you wear it on your lapel. Where there's the tablet? Yes flat screen towelettes. Dude were next generation. That's where those the next generation if you look at the thing because I had the technical manual bro. I bought the technical manual. It goes into the the fiction or design the cross section. Yes Yup it shows the cross sections it shows like the layout of the I think the acronym is a while. I want to say that and I forgot what it meant. I want to say L. A. R. S. Whatever they stood for anyway the next generation of remember looking at the panels. When when they've obviously those were glass panels had graphics on them that for the filming of the showed. Look with a little bit. But then when they did an actual shot on a certain panel sometimes it would actually change depending on what was going on like digital effects team would actually make the panels a little distance. The notion of dynamic screen was a next generation thing because think about it in the eighties. All the buttons. We had did one thing even if it was an LCD display. It wasn't touch sensitive. It was only showing you what it was but nothing was what I would dynamic display. You hit a button and it changes all the options on that screen. So dynamic display was the next generation concept. That's awesome and then I remember. It was like the early two thousands we. We bought a printer for my work and it was a dynamic display. The buttons. Your options would change based on and it was all and it was all LCD display. And I'm like this is the next generation. This is what I've been waiting for this whole time. So when I when I look at an iphone even now like this next generation technology. Right that's awesome. That's like that's what you dreamed about under the tree at school when exact lunch exactly. Oh I couldn't wait for the tech of Star Trek to start coming true that one of the things that kind of got you excited or white white people count like it's the yeah. The technology and the positivity I guess do yeah. I liked that problems that we have now weren't problems for them. Yeah and it seemed like well. That's Kinda how our technology works. I mean like you know one hundred years ago. Vaccinations weren't a thing. Sure and now. Polio goes away. You know what I Mac. Even now. You know the phone you talked about iphone. Yeah that iphone in nineteen ninety the processing power and the capabilities would have been tens of thousands of dollars correct. And it's in my pocket. Yeah yeah a thing that you charge at night by. Your bed was a thing that would fill up an entire room. Just a run you know. And so Yeah seeing those things. I'm like oh well we like. We could be that one day I I don't know about transporter stuff. That could actually be a thing well. I'm sure there's concepts. There's an episode. I watched the original series where the transporter gets screwed. Up and divides Kurkin half. Oh yeah he has the kind of the nice loving Kirk and the angry aggressive kirk yet. Have that combine them back again and so weird and so they have the Kirk. Caster William Shatner has to act both ways which you gotta be difficult Super Passive Karan angry and on that one. That's funny Dr McCoy. He's treating Kirk or somebody with this. His High Tech Little Hydro spray thing and then he reaches down and grabs. We'll just a regular spray. Bottle starts spraying. And with this disinfect. Oh no I've got to look that up. Yeah Yeah. It has the Cocker Spaniel with the Horn on the front row. Talk about again. This nineteen sixty six. You gotta understand that. A limited budget alien creatures that they had like do like you said the monkey with Ram Horns. Yes yes isn't any good? I don't think they got better later but at the same time I understand they got a little bit of a budget so so I can think about the time even the timeframe I was like. Come on guys really so for me the next generation. The silliest time I was like Oh gosh what are we. What are we doing guys was in the episode? They killed Tasha Yar. Oh Yeah which. She should never have left that show. What was that woman thinking how she thought she uses Big Star? And you go make a ton of money and then someone gotten her head man. She's on season two of that show and I need off and it's like what yeah like. I don't season to date. They killed her in season two. She was there for a full season and then season two and So season two. There are some weird like tar monster on a planet and I forget all the stuff but it's basically like just a hateful things off of evil or something like that. Yeah it's ghostbusters to slime and it manifests and humanoid kind of form and it's clearly some guy in some tarp covered jar and it just looks it. Looks like a guy covered in tar under a tarp. And I'm like that looks really bad. I don't care what anybody says. And so it was Kinda like He. He like that and next to the rate of the original series. At least for me the Cocker Spaniel with Horn. It's hilarious one of the ones. I thought was funny. There's an episode where it's called the Horta where like trapped in a cave and this cave monster that looks like it's made of rock. It's supposed to be made a rock or whatever and spot communicates with it and has like an emotional reaction but the effect of the creature basically like this blobby looking thing with a person under it and they're kind of crawling around as this rock thing and at one point spot gets up on trying to kind of like communicate with it and just the cheesiness of is enough that it's like it pulled me out even as a kid that doesn't age. Well I guess I don't know but I guess when you're getting the eighties you're like it's a space thing. Plus you're an actor and I think about people whose job it is it's like man. Your job is not to like wonder you. GotTa Act Your Butt Off. You gotta wonder what they're thinking. Yeah I would be curious like what are we doing here again? Yeah this is a guy under a tarp and we're just GONNA spray some oil on him. Yeah okay I remember. The Not much ineffective doesn't affect Colfax though practical effects. I'll take he got the crew got kidnapped. This planet were dislike the kid and it is a Kid. I think it was Ron Howard's brother actually little child king but he was actually like an adult because he had the voice of grown man. So it was basically Ron Howard's brother lip synching with a guy like Haha. After I brought you to my planet over it was dubbed over it sounded. It looks so bad. It's like watching those Japanese movies. They dubbed English over your. Yes just doesn't work. It's like a six year old face and body with like a grown man talking over. It was awesome again. They're they're really trying to tamp stuff. And Yeah coming up with these storylines and I don't know how how they came up with some of the stuff but it's again pretty groundbreaking like you said Star. Wars kind of snot stole but borrowed the concept. You know travel space and all that yeah. I think it's but I think people may be can connect with star trek better because it's it's our air quotes here. Our time liner. Yeah yeah exact- our oranges far away. Not even humans. I mean there's no the word humans not in their point. No one talks about humanity. There's no earth you know and so what I like about you know. And we said it a million times. It's not a big star. Wars is like space fantasy and a merger of those two. I think and you can call it science fiction too. I'm not that guy is going to have you. But I like that for Star Trek and I know this to be true for the first and the second series..

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