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Hang on for two seconds. If you win today's high about 81 degrees. Right now. 64 in Aberdeen, 66. In down dog. Baltimore has 64 degrees, Chuck. Where is uh, Springhill in Florida that anywhere near you, My neighbor. There's your neighborhood. Really? Okay. Then you may know the story at the post office facility, which is on uh, Philatelic Road, I guess. Philatelic Philatelic Road. Yes, it had a seven ft alligator roaming the lobby area or so the sources for stamps apparently Yeah, I'm going to mail something and alligator shoes. He was mailing out. Very nice. Yeah. What's his ex? It's a her. It was at her ex husband. Probably. You know how your shoes go with the house goes the shoes. That's right. Well, look, I took a lot of time looking at this article and looking at the illustrations Look at the picture. About this alligator and the Florida Post office. You know, it's a crock. Oh, yeah, I'll tell you it is until you walk in there and the day of things late in the lab. Wow. And then you're gonna need a new pair of British. Yes, I'll tell, you know, I mean, This. This is a first of all. It's kind of an interesting looking animals these because this one is stripes and cool stuff on it. However, they can move much faster than you think they'd be able to. Yes, they can. And I've actually seen one run really? On a golf course. I was playing one day. The actual alligator is on the green, and the guy didn't see it. He walked up to see where his ball was. He surprised the gator. The gator took off running and the guy was still running in place. The gator was gone. Yeah, I I was running in place to just holding myself. It wasn't Prince. Yeah, not a pretty sight at all. Not at all. Whoa, No, no. What they cannot do apparently, is Is. If you run a zigzag pattern, they can't turn very well. Right. So if you want to get away from an alligator in your post office, folks, Yeah. Like if you're going to like the Timonium post office, very nice facility, You know, you walk in and they have the outside or if there's an alligator their run in a zigzag pattern, right? I had a had a 72 Plymouth that didn't turn very well, Same thing. Pretty much the same thing was actually I had a barracuda. Oh, yeah, Almost the same thing. No turning radius at all. No. All right. Thanks very much, All right. For one. Follow me by the way on Facebook for more life tips like running a zigzag pattern. 410 Wcbm six, he told Free Long distance. It's 1 800 wcbm 6 80. The next piece of audio. We're unsure as to wear this is this is this is some student. Well, I guess I just headed up to his or her neck. With the shenanigans of a particular teacher. Uh uh. And This teacher went off on a student in the classroom. Because he indicated that he is straight. Okay? This, he said. You know, I'm straight being asked questions about homosexuality, and he said, I'm straight and she went off. In what some might consider to be exhibit a on why to get your kids out of the government schools? Because I'm actually doesn't matter. All the black people or Irish people or ignorant people. Would you like a special, You know, grand copy for being stranger. Alright, come here. Just reach your cooking for.

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