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Hello, welcome to stories podcast. I'm your host. Amanda. Weld in today's story is called the blue corn maiden adapted for you by Daniel Hynes the blue corn maiden is a Hopi story about the changing seasons. The Hopi are a native American people from the southwest United States, their true native name roughly translates to the peaceful people. If you listen closely, you may see a resemblance between this story and a Greek myth we've done in the past today. We'd like to say a special. Thank you to Veronica Sara and Clare and their families, Jude, Toby, Oliver, and the rest of the Miller family. Allah and Morgan and their family Romi, and I only and their family, Kate Ryan, and van and their family Quila and her family and Caitlyn and Ryan and their family from Bangkok, Thailand. Thank you so much, Ryan Caitlyn, Keila van Ryan, Kate. I own. Tony, Romi, Morgan Ella, Oliver Toby, Jude, Claire, Sarah, and Veronica. You are part of what makes it possible for us to continue to produce fun new stories for our listeners. Today's episode of stories podcast is brought to you by story worth. Everyone has a family member who always tells the best stories in my family. It's my grandma. I love hearing her tell stories about my grandpa and how they met funny things. My mom and my uncle used to do when they were little and stories about how she went back to school and started her career when she was in her sixties. She's the coolest and I love hearing stories about how she got to be the strong and independent woman she is today. That's why story worth is the perfect mother's day gift for her story worth makes it easy and fun for your loved ones to share their stories. Here's how it works. You purchase a subscription for someone you love, and each week story worth sends them an email with a question about their life. Next, they reply to this email with their story or they can record it over the phone by calling the story worth. Number all stories are private and only shared with family that you choose after a year. Their stories will be bound into a beautiful keepsake book that you can share with relatives far and near. It's a great way to stay in touch and preserve beautiful memories for future generations. For twenty dollars off. Visit story worth dot com. Slash stories when you subscribe. Again, that story worth dot com. Slash stories for twenty dollars off a perfect gift for mother's day. Thanks in showing the episode. The blue corn maiden. Over many mountains and down winding streams lived the Hopi people with them lived a spirit named the blue corn maiden. She appeared as a beautiful young woman dressed all in blue blue paint on her cheeks and blue strands woven into her flowing dark hair being a spirit. She had a bit of magic about her and she used it to bring comfort and joy to the Hopi people all year round. The blue corn maiden would work her wonders with a touch. She could fill an empty bin with delicious blue corn even in the dead of winter when nothing would grow and thanks to her Power. The Hopi people were never hungry. One day the blue corn maiden decided she would go out and gather some firewood. It wasn't something she usually did, but she had already made plenty of corn for the day and she was feeling a little restless. She slipped on her deer skin moccasins and left her Pueblo, which was a coach. Z homemade from Dobie mud and stone outside. She patted off into the forest. The sun was shining golden bright, but there was a chill in the air it road in on the breeze, making the blue corn maiden, give a slight shiver and rub her arms cold already. She said to herself and it's barely even fall. What does winter think he's doing? It's Ma tau came a voice, the blue corn maiden spun around, but there was no one. The words seemed to come from the wind itself who said that I am. Sorry, said the breeze. And then the wind roared bursting into a flurry of snowflakes and booming with a thunderclap a moment later, the breeze was gone and they are stood. The winter gets sina the spirit that brings winter to the World Winter. What are you doing here? It's barely fall. Go spread your snow in the mountains. Winter had seen as smiled his breath came out frosty in the air and his teeth shone like ice behind his blue and white mask. Oh, I'm not here to spread snow. He said then why are you here? Asked the blue corn. Hidden. Shivering as winters breath passed over her. I'm here for you decided that you the most beautiful and beloved of the spirits should be my love, come with me to the home of winter and live with me like a Queen. The blue corn maiden took a step back. My place is

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