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Foolish souls by restoring health. To bind piece to the hostile rest to the violent gentleness too the unruly. By dire threats to force those unclean and vagrant spirits to confess who have forced their way within men to destroy them to force them with heavy blows to withdraw. To, stretch them out, struggling, wailing, GROANING WITH SCOURGES INTO ROAST THEM? With. Fire. There the matter is carried on but is not seen. The blows are hidden, but the punishment is manifest. Thus, since we have already begun to be the spirit, which we have received possesses its own freedom of action. Since we have not yet changed our body and members. Our Still Karnal view is obscured by the cloud of this world. How great is this domination of the mind? How great is its force? Not only that it itself is withdrawn from pernicious contacts of the world that is one cleansed and pure. It is seized by no stain of an attacking enemy. But that it becomes greater and stronger in its might so that it with imperial right over every army of an attacking adversary. But in order that the characteristics of the divine munificence may shine force. When the truth has been revealed I shall give you light to recognize it. By wiping away the clown of evil I shall reveal the darkness of a hidden world. For a little consider that you are being transported to the loftiest pink of a High Mountain. That from this, you are viewing the appearance of things that lie below you. And with your eyes directed in different directions, you yourself free from earthly contacts. Gaze upon the turmoils of the world. Presently you also will have pity on the world and taking account of yourself and with more gratitude to God, you will rejoice with greater joy that you of escaped from it. Observe. The roads blocked by robbers. The scenes. Beset by pirates. Wars spread everywhere with the bloody horrors of camps. The world is soaked with the mutual blood. And when individuals commit homicide, it is a crime. It is cold a virtue. Done in the name of the state. Impunity is acquired for crimes, not by reason of innocence, but by the magnitude of the cruelty. Now. If you turn your eyes and face toward the cities themselves. You will find a multitude sadder than any solitude. A gladiatorial combat is being prepared that blood may delight the lust of cruel is. The body is filled up with stronger foon 's and the robust mass of flesh grows fat with bulging muscles. So that fattened for punishment, it may perish more dearly. Man, is killed for the pleasure of man. And to be able to kill is a skill is an employment. Is An art. Crime, is not only committed. But taught. What can be called more inhuman. What more repulsive? It is a training that one may be able to kill. And that he kills is glory. What is this I ask of you? And of what nature is it? Where those offer themselves to wild beasts whom no one has condemned. In the prime of life of a rather beautiful appearance. In costly garments. While still alive, the adorn themselves for a voluntary death. Wretched they even glory in their wicked deans. They fight with beasts not because they are convict. But because they are mad. Father's look upon their own sons. A brother is in the arena and his sister nearby. And although the more elaborate preparation of the exhibition increases the price of the spectacle. Oh shame. The mother also pays this price that she may be present at her own sorrows. And at such impious and terrible spectacles, they do not realize that with there is they are Perez side's. Turn your gaze away from this. To the no less objectionable contaminations of a different kind of spectacle. In the theaters also, you will behold what will cause you both grief and shame. It is the tragic buskens to relate inversely crimes of former times. The ancient horror of parricide incest is unfolded in acting expressed in the model of the truth. Last as time goes by what was once committed disappear. Every age is reminded by what'd here's that what has been done can be done again. Transgressions never die from the passage of the ages. Crime is never erased by time. Vice is never buried in oblivion. Then in the Mimes by the teaching infamies one delight to recall what he has done at home or to hear what he can do. Adultery is learned as it is seen. And while evil with Public Authority panders to vices the matron who perchance had gone forth to the spectacle chased return from the spectacle unchaste. Then, further, how great a collapse of morals would a stimulus to base deeds was nourishing of vices to be polluted by the gestures of actors to behold the elaborate endurance of incestuous abominations contrary to the Covenant and Law of our birth..

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