Braves, Don Sutton, Kerry discussed on Herman Cain


Five nothing five nothing i believe in the seventh and then we just gradually came back in marquess hit a walk off three run homer as you just heard there which was so great to see i the rain was starting to come in and you're just like classic braves fashioned last year there were a bunch of games of the braves came back and what happened was is they would go to a rain delay comeback player they spent all that time trying to tie the game up and then the rain delay would be over at like two in the morning yeah was so great i've heard don sutton fell out of the box uhhuh line ooh i can go home now this frenzy never gonna win la i took a nap on the seven started take up turn it to tv listen to chip kerry who was the i can't i don't have foxsports southeast you who was the player on what team that hit the first pitch for a home run that was carlos stanton man field then his last at bat i think i got another homerun didn't he i saw that too i i think it's the first time that two home runs in the first time being a yankee nine maybe marriage or something wow i didn't know that well look i'm helping you out and also i'm i'm outing you on our airwaves as a stinking rotten yankee spies switched to the braves game i'll have you know and you you didn't miss a hold on i'm the host of the show you have fox sports south east.

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