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I just wish i could have a cologne made of the scent of the sweat that collects in his pubic region like well wait a minute bitch note it you know whatever your heart will go on and going to be fun i would really like to see amber you know go full layers being on this next around mamie thing her at w nba player and just flirting absolutely consider straps i want full yeah amber and you know try that out amber knows no before stranger to that but you know have one of these starts you know mend your heart and your fans and leave little very strange to the way like i just i can't i don't want to be like insensitive but epithet just kind of girl you're able rose you don't have to do is you don't have to act like settle for these raggedy as like bargain basement men you don't have to do this you could just flourish own without the extra but you just refused so booze amber rose my okay issues not an i just don't feel like it's a nigga in this world that could press me or have me fill impressed over anything amber rose my little feelings were hurt you are going to say that out loud radio of never doing they're on anywhere talking about i don't feel single because my heart belongs to you meanwhile twenty one seven is having pits pits rolling loud or whatever he's not missing love you and his heart still bologna you and all this bullshit and just over that whole narrative is serving down hills of zephyr because you introduced the water.

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